Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Frequency and Cum Towels

Here's an article that came up in my Facebook feed, and of course I couldn't resist seeing what it said:
Here's How Much Sex You Should Be Having, According To Science
If you'd rather not click, the one-line takeaway is that you need sex once a week to be happy, according to a recent University of Toronto study.

The Sensual Goddess will be sure to bring this up when telling me how spoiled I am. And maybe once a week seems like paradise when you're used to much less. But I guess I am spoiled. I need more than that - significantly more.

Actually, we could easily contribute to a study on frequency of sexual activity. All you'd have to do is look at our laundry. JFBreak writes in his latest post:
When we were done with our post sex rituals (I know we aren't the only ones who keep a bedside table full of cumrags)....
That's us too. Maybe it's every couple. My bedside nightstand has a number of blue/green ex-dish towels that we now call cum towels. They're only used for post-sex cleanup, and the number of cum towels in any given laundry is often the source of good-natured banter about who's spoiled (or neglected, depending on the week.) The kids would *die* if they knew what those towels were for.

Those old green towels are getting fairly ratty though. Doing a quick web search gives me an idea for a birthday gift. A set of these seems perfect....

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  1. Well... I have learned something new today! Never heard of this special pile of fabric... glad you get to wash a pile!