Friday, January 22, 2016

A Multitasker

Afterwards, the Sensual Goddess lay in my arms...snuggling...both of us enjoying the nice relaxed feel of our naked bodies pressed together. Finally, I got up to use the bathroom and get ready for bed. When I returned, she grabbed her pajamas and headed for the bathroom.

I lay in the dark, sated, when my phone buzzed...text message. It was from Younger Daughter at college. I read it. It didn't need to be answered until morning and I was too tired to start a text conversation, so I didn't reply. I saw I had a Facebook notification. Eh, why not...I tapped and looked.
Sensual Goddess changed her profile picture
18 minutes ago
Wait...she did what?!? She changed her Facebook profile picture...during our lovemaking...and I didn't notice???

When she returned from the bathroom, I complimented her on her multitasking ability. She was incredulous and grabbed her phone. It turns out there was an explanation that didn't involve secret Facebooking. She had set a temporary profile pic a week or two ago, and FB picked that moment to restore the previous profile pic.

Mystery solved. But she had me wondering there for a minute.


  1. I feel like this is ripe grounds for a Rodney Dangerfield joke or two. I told my wife I wanted to talk during sex - so she called me on the phone.

  2. Awww...I was thinking she had you so enthralled you didn't notice anything else! Glad to hear it was just another FB quirk.