Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Lucky Woman

I love morning sex. Is there a better way to start the day? I can't think of one. So when I got you alone, I was as ready to go as you were.

I pulled you on top of me, enjoying the feel of our bodies pressed against skin.  I could feel the wetness of your pussy rubbing against my cock. Your hips wouldn't stop, and I knew you were trying to guide me in...but I wouldn't let you. Not yet. It feels so good...such a delicious feel you rubbing up and down against me.

Finally I let you lower yourself down onto me, and we both groaned out loud as I sunk balls deep into you. We fell into a sweet lazy morning rhythm for a while. Then we rolled over, and I moved between your spread legs. You're wetter then I could have imagined, and I slid in easily. You moaned that you were cumming, and it made me smile...and made me fuck you harder and faster...without mercy.

Did you cum once, and then again...and again? Or was it one long climax? Maybe you don't know...and It doesn't matter. When you finally started to come down, I moved you onto all fours and entered you from behind. You put your head down into the pillows as I plowed you.

I knew I was close and wouldn't be able to last much longer. And I didn't. I grabbed your hips roughly and thrust deep....groaning out loud...and shooting spurt after spurt into the condom.

I held myself there for I don't know how long...just feeling the gasping breaths...your body backing up into me...your pussy squeezing me...your little moans of pleasure. Then I had to collapse, so I pulled out and lay down, bringing you into my wing. We laughed...and touched...fingertips tracing lightly over warm skin. And then it was time to go and get back to the real world.

As we were dressing, you turned to me and said, "The Sensual Goddess is a lucky woman." I laughed and agreed.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Naughty Elf

I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. I hope everyone's been just the right combination of naughty and nice so that Santa will bring you something special.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

OKCupid Frustration

The next few days were devoted to working on my/our OKCupid profile. The goals for the profile were three-fold:

1. We wanted to present enough about me and our relationship to let potentially interested women know what's going on. That we're investigating honest and responsible non-monogamy, and that I'm on the site with the Sensual Goddess's blessing and active interest.

2. We wanted to be clear about what we're looking for - a partnered/polyamorous woman who's looking for something extra in an honest and responsible way, but not looking to change her home situation.

3. We wanted to stay non-identifiable in case any of SG's single friends stumbled on the profile.

"Non-identifiable" was the hard part...especially the profile pic. I looked through years of pics, and finally found one I liked - a pic from a hiking trip where I'm in profile with a nice woods/mountains background. SG had reservations ("I'd know that's you immediately"), but we decided that while it might be obvious to very close friends, it would probably be fine for more casual acquaintances.

So we were finally posted with a profile pic. I was happy with what we had - I think it was clear about who we are and what we're looking for. We looked through matches together every night, and it was a fun game. I wrote some messages - and for the most part got no response. That wasn't a big surprise, as I'm sure the few women who identify as polyamorous/non-monogamous are *flooded* with interest.

A few weeks went by. We continued browsing, I sent some messages, got a few responses, had a couple of back-and-forth conversations...but nothing seemed to be going anywhere.

Frustrated and with a few free minutes at lunch one day, I took what we'd written on our OKC profile, put it into a few paragraphs, and posted it into the Craigslist "men seeking women" want ads. I'm a big CL guy for buying and selling things, but the "personals" section was new to me. I'd heard it's a cesspool of spam and scam artists, but it's free to place an ad, so what did I have to lose?

I liked that it was a text-only medium with no profile pic expected. If I got any responses, we could e-mail back and forth and get to know each other before exchanging pics.

I posted the ad - and within three hours had two responses that both sounded legitimate from real local women in the same basic situation.

(To be continued)

Monday, December 14, 2015

OKCupid Profile

(Continued from "The Search Begins", where the Sensual Goddess and I agreed to begin a slow and careful search for playmates for me.)

We created an account on OKCupid and began wrestling with what to say in my profile. Goal #1 was to be vague enough that I wouldn't be recognized by any of SG's single friends. While we're clear and comfortable with what we're doing, we'd rather not be "outed" and put SG into the uncomfortable position of having to explain what isn't anyone's business but ours.

On the other hand, staying too vague would result in an uninteresting profile. In the end, just to get something posted, I came up with a fairly plain vanilla summary, identifying myself as a polyamorous professional man here with my partner's blessing, looking for a like-minded woman. We skipped adding a pic of me, ignoring the multiple warnings that a profile without a pic would be dismissed by the matching algorithms to the lowest circle of hell. We'd think more about that later.

Now, with a bare-bones profile up, we could browse other people's profiles. This was fascinating, and great entertainment for both of us. Neither of us had ever been on any kind of dating site before, and we spent a lot of time poring over profiles and noting who was looking for what - not even looking for matches for me, just taking it all in.

Once we'd satisfied some of our initial curiosity, we started looking for potential matches for me. It quickly became evident that the overwhelming majority of women there are single and looking for a monogamous relationship. I hope they all find that - but how do I look for non-monogamous ladies looking for something in addition to their main relationship?

It wasn't immediately obvious, but I finally found the search criteria where I could search for women within a mileage range who identified as "non-monogamous". That filtered the flood of ladies into a small handful. But that's okay, those are my potential matches. We looked them over...not too promising a start. Some seemed emotionally damaged, and a couple looked just plain scary (I think SG burst out laughing and said "she'd hurt you!" I was thinking the same thought.)

But there were a couple who were attractive, not *too* far away, and seemed to be looking for the same things as me. I thought about sending a few messages. But no, not yet. I have to get my profile in better shape first....