Friday, November 13, 2015

"With Great Caution"

...or "No, Not a Trap"

Thank you for the thoughtful comments on my last post. They're all pretty much spot on. I knew it wasn't a trap in the sense that expressing an interest would result in me sleeping in the doghouse.

As you correctly pointed out, it was an invitation to a discussion, not permission to go "cookie monster" on the female population. And as Jane so aptly put it, the conversation must be approached with great caution.

Have I mentioned that "great caution" is practically my middle name? (No, wait, isn't it "reckless abandon"? I can never remember....)

Whatever the case, I plunged in with reckless abandon great caution. I noted that we'd danced around the subject at various points over the years without following up, and asked if this was something we could possibly explore?

She said we could. We agreed that our intimate life is really good and that great care must be taken to ensure that this enhances that, and doesn't detract from it. She said that the thought of me with another woman turns her on - but I would have to be completely out in the open with her. This would be something *we're* doing, not something *I'm* doing. That seems entirely reasonable.

(Before anyone says, "Wait just a minute, you want to play. What about her?", that *was* part of the discussion. I wouldn't ask for something I wouldn't also give. She doesn't want to play.)

So we've very cautiously and tentatively agreed that some slow and careful exploration is appropriate.

Now to figure out exactly how to do that.


  1. Wow,good luck. All of us at the Boy's Club will be praying for a safe and sane solution. :-)