Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Visiting Nurse?

I told the Sensual Goddess that due to some life insurance changes I'm making, a visiting nurse had called to schedule an appointment. She'd be coming over one morning this week to do a quick physical on me and take a blood sample. Our conversation proceeded something like this:
SG (with a twinkle in her eye): Did she have a sexy voice?
Me: Hmmm.... Not "bombshell" sexy, but she didn't sound like an old battle-axe either.
SG: And you scheduled it for Thursday at 9:45, when you knew I'd be out?
Me: She suggested that day and time, not me. (laughing) But now that you mention it, could you be sure to be gone by 9:15?
SG: What if I want to stay and watch?
Me: If you want to hide in the closet and watch, that's fine too.
SG: Yes, I'll hide in the closet.
And she accuses me of having an active imagination?

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  1. Oh ho! You two are such fun. Hope the nurse found you healthy! Now go write the next chapter about "what happened." :)