Sunday, February 1, 2015

Playing in the Band (Part 3)

(Continued from here)

It took my eyes a second to adjust to the dim light of the storage closet, but there she was leaning against a table. I closed the door behind me, and she stood up and tossed something to me. I caught it and looked. Pink cotton bikini panties. Nice.

She spoke quietly. "We have to be quick." But I already knew that, and I locked the door and was on her in a flash. I backed her up against the cinderblock wall and kissed her hard. My hand slid up her thigh as she fumbled with my jeans. I cupped her bare pussy and found her soaking wet. My pants fell to the floor and her fingers wrapped around the shaft of my cock.

I heard people talking as they walked down the hall outside to the restrooms - another reminder that this needed to be quick. I moved her back to the table, turned her around, and bent her over. I flipped her skirt up onto the small of her back, then pushed my cock into her. I could hear her bite her lip, suppressing a squeal, and I grabbed her hips and thrust hard.

It was good old-fashioned raw animal fucking. My every impulse is to vary things, make it interesting, and make it last longer. But I had to consciously ignore those impulses. My grip on her hips was rough, and I pounded her hard. The wet slapping sound of flesh on flesh was loud in my ears, and I hoped someone walking past the door couldn't hear us.

I could feel the welling up in my balls, and I hissed that I was going to cum. She turned her head and whispered that I should stay. That was music to my ears, and I thrust harder and faster. Then it was on me, and I buried myself and held tight as I unloaded into her. She was trying to stifle the sounds of what sounded like her own climax, and I stayed there for a minute while the waves slowly subsided.

Then it was time to clean up and get back upstairs. I realized that my crotch and thighs were drenched. The panties she tossed me were sitting in a ball on the table, so I grabbed them and cleaned myself up. She was cleaning up with a tissue, so I stuffed her panties in my pocket. I listened at the door, and didn't hear anyone in the hall, so I told her I'd see her upstairs and left.

I made it back in time. My bandmates were just starting to set up for our third set, so I joined them - hoping that there wasn't any obvious evidence of my adventure. A minute late, my waitress came up the stairs, looking maybe a little flushed, but otherwise nonchalant. I smiled to myself that I knew a secret - that she wasn't wearing any panties, and my cum was dripping out of her.

We launched into our set, and I was floating on air. Nothing like that had ever happened to me, and it was exciting as hell. I watched her wait her tables, and she never looked at me to make eye contact. And when our set was over, she was nowhere to be seen. Which was fine - I had no illusions that this was anything more than quick one-time fuck.

My bandmates gave no indication that they knew what had happened. And I almost didn't believe it myself. Until I got home later and found her sodden panties in my pocket.


  1. Great story! You know every great band needs a great reunion tour so I'm hoping there is a part IV where you get it on 20 years later!

  2. Yummy, I need to get out more. Or at least be more open to sex with musicians here. That was a delicious story.

  3. Oh my.. I did not see this... and by that I mean you... coming! Hot. But I worry about you ending up with kooties or a surprise in 9 months!