Friday, June 27, 2014

FFF: All Aboard

I'd heard the talk that air travel was the way of the future, but it seemed hard to imagine that it could be as civilized as going by train. I made my way through the terminal at Penn Station and boarded the Broadway Limited. New York to Chicago in 15 hours, arriving at 8am. Why would anyone want to get there faster than that?

Besides, there were other luxuries I bet you couldn't get on an airplane.

"Miss Morgenstern, I'm going to order a martini from the club car while we review the Amalgamated Products file. We meet with the vice president at 9am, and the numbers have to be right."

"I've already double and triple checked them, sir. Everything's in order. Your presentation is ready."

"Excellent. Perhaps you'd like a drink too?"

She caressed my leg with her foot, starting at my ankle...then moving higher. "I took the liberty of having our drinks and dinner sent to our berth. I thought we might want a little...privacy."

"Yes," I winked, "we might."

The whistle blew as we came out of the tunnel. The clouds were parting and the sun was low in the west. Fifteen hours to Chicago. Perfect.

(200 words)

The challenge this week was:

Key Words: Parting, Station (check)
Word Limit: 200 (check)
Forbidden Words: Discreet, Forbidden, Tryst (check)
Extra Credit: Name the train and the destination (check)

Go see Advizor to see who else is participating.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Tough Choices and Wood Nymphs

Sensual Goddess: (with a twinkle in her eye) So, you're going out into the woods with your buddies instead of coming with me to (home and native land).

Me: Well, yeah..this trip's been on the calendar for a while, and I didn't know it would be the only time you could go.

SG: Of course, I understand. I just wanted to make sure you knew what you're choosing. Sleeping on the ground, in the company of smelly guys. I know you'll enjoy the hiking and the camaraderie. That's a good choice - even if the alternative is going where we could find another Saucy to entertain us. And where you get wakened with a "Canadian good morning." I'm sure you'll be just as happy in your tent.

Me: (laughing, shaking my head, and muttering under my breath) I wasn't exactly thinking of my choice in those terms....

SG: I'm happy to help clarify things for you. I'd go visit Saucy on my own - but it's more fun to watch your reaction. Next time for sure. And maybe this will be the time you find a wood nymph who can take care of you.

Me: Seems unlikely. But hope springs eternal. And I'll tell you all about it if I do!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sex on the Beach

No, not the drink. Here's a headline from my local news today:
Cops: Couple charged for sex on Sea Isle beach
And yes, the pic on the right is the actual newspaper photograph.

I understand that sometimes it just doesn't feel like you can wait for one more second, and the whole world disappears except for the two of us.... But really? In the surf at a popular beach at 4:00 on a Sunday afternoon? And indiscreet enough that, to quote from the article, "a crowd of spectators had already formed"?

Crazy kids these days....

I'll admit that sex on the beach is something I've never done - and while it's a nice thought or fantasy, it's not an actual desire of mine. The thought of sand in the privates makes me wince. In my experience, going back to the room and a nice comfy bed has always seemed like a much better option.

Anyone have thoughts or experiences on beach sex they'd like to share?