Monday, December 9, 2013

More Than Expected

I got a Sunday surprise yesterday when the predicted 1-3 inches of snow and freezing rain turned into a full-fledged snowstorm. It snowed, and kept snowing, and then snowed some more. I was happy and warm inside, watching my football team flounder in the snow (they finally got it figured out in the second half.) By the time it stopped I was looking out at a completely-unexpected 8 inches.

Later, after having shoveled the driveway, I mused to the Sensual Goddess that expecting 3 inches and getting 8 pretty much sums up her experience of meeting me.

Her laugh and eye roll told me that's exactly what she was thinking too.


  1. Yes, in certain cases 8 is def better than 3. :)

    That game was fun to watch and I'm not a fan of either team.

  2. Holy Crap!!!! Eight inches?!?!!?!?! Leave it to Simplicity to put things into proper perspective!!

    I had recollections of that game between the old Boston Patriots and Miami Dolphins... where the snow sweeper came out and removed a swath of snow right where Steve Grogan (I think) would kneel to hold the ball for the ensuing field goal attempt!

    I think Don Shula is STILL pissed!!!


  3. We only got 2 inches.... of snow, thank goodness. What is it with you and size this week?