Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Prostitutes as Victims

Here's a surprising blast of common sense from New York State.
The state of New York will begin treating most alleged prostitutes as victims rather than criminals, and seek to steer them toward medical treatment, job training and other social services to break the cycle of sex trafficking.
It's about time. I hope other states will follow.

Full details here.

Friday, September 20, 2013

FFF: Barcelona

The shadows lengthened as we sat at the outdoor cafe enjoying another carajillo. We'd spent another day exploring Barcelona's old city, and now it was time to sit down and relax. I'd been teasing you all day with little hints as to what your birthday present might be. Yes, we'd done some shopping in addition to sightseeing, and we'd had the bags sent back to the hotel - but that wasn't your main gift.

"You're such a tease. You won't even give me a hint?"

"And spoil the surprise? No, it's better this way. But you won't have to wait much longer."

I motioned to the waiter, and he came over and we exchanged a few quick words in Spanish.

"What did he say to you? What's going on?"

I laughed. "It's all arranged. Are you ready?"

She walked up to you and kissed you lightly on the cheek, then whispered in your ear, while winking at me. Your eyes got momentarily wide, then you smiled an evil smile at me.

She walked across the street to an unmarked door, lifted her dress briefly...then she opened the door, beckoned to us, and closed it behind her.

"Happy birthday, love. Let's go."

(200 words)

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Word Min: 200 (check)
Bonus Words: None
Extra Credit: See above
Key Phrase: None - Just tell me a story (check)

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

On Touch

Sillyone at Teetering on the Brink of Normalcy writes about the importance of touch, and I want to both point to her thoughtful post, and also add my "me too."

I don't think I can overestimate how important touch is to me. I'm a tactile person, and I need to both touch and be touched. It's how I show affection, and how I feel connected to those I love. Just as Sillyone says, the Sensual Goddess and I are always touching. If we're sitting watching TV, I run my fingers through her thick hair. If I pass her in the kitchen, I'll quickly trace my fingers over her shoulder or down her arm, or even give her a quick smack on the ass (if no kids are around!) Friends have told her how adorable it is that we still hold hands while walking, but I'm not trying to be "adorable" - I just can't imagine being with someone and not exchanging those little touches. Actually, I'll go further than that - I could not be with someone who didn't want touch.

I'm not talking about groping or sexual touch - though post-lovemaking touch is as sweet as it gets. There's nothing better than laying naked on the bed, relaxed and sated, her warm body snuggled against me, one of my arms holding her to me, as my fingers slowly trace lines...moving up and down her arms...her spine. That's a sensual delight that's hard to beat.

Sillyone writes about paying attention to how much couples touch, and being surprised at how little she sees it. I will now be paying attention to this too.

Addendum: Sillyone just left a comment, and I realize I need to write a little more. I think touch is not just important as part of an intimate relationship, but between everyone you feel affection for. Her comment about her mother brought back a very powerful memory. My father, who I'm thinking about more than usual today, spent his last few months bed-ridden in hospitals and rehab facilities. I visited as much as humanly possible, and would always hold his hand and stroke him as I sat with him. One time he was on his side, so I decided to rub his back. His sense of relief was *palpable*. I could hardly believe how much he craved that physical human contact, so I continued for a long time. I felt terrible afterwards that he'd been laying there for so long with no one to really touch him, but very happy that I'd made the discovery in time to give him some relief. I realized that maybe I'd been a little afraid to touch him, but I never hesitated again.