Friday, July 5, 2013

FFF: Reenactment

We fell into conversation after the final event of the reenactment. She smiled and asked me my role.

I laughed. "On Monday I was part of Reynolds' staff on the retreat through the town. Tuesday was Day 2, and I died in the Peach Orchard, again in Devil's Den, then was part of the defense of Little Round Top. Wednesday, we were all part of Pickett's Charge. I was an artilleryman at The Angle. There were special events yesterday for Independence Day, then this morning they shot some footage for a documentary."

"And you? You're dressed way too nicely to be a camp follower. You're too clean to be a nurse."

"Very perceptive, sir. I'm a townswoman. I've been leading tours and talking about life in the town during and after the battle."

Her eyes twinkled. "I'm ever so grateful that you whipped Bobby Lee's army and kept us safe. Perhaps you'll join me in opening a bottle of wine to celebrate the Union victory?"

"On one condition." She raised an eyebrow, curious. "I simply must change out of this wool uniform. I'd rather face Confederate bullets than continue to swelter in this Pennsylvania heat."

She laughed. "Soldier, we can do better than that. And these wool petticoats are stifling me too. Follow me."

She led me down Plum Run. When we were out of sight of the reenactors and the tourists, she started shedding layers. I quickly got the idea and followed suit. She tossed the last layer over her head, and neither of us noticed until much later that it caught in a tree.

"What shall we drink to, sir? Union?"

(273 words)

The challenge this week was:

Key Word - Independence or Independence Day (check)
Word Limit - 237 (oops, I read this as 273, and am just now realizing my dyslexia)
Forbidden Word - Fireworks (check)
Extra Credit - Put the action on July 5th (check)

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  1. Wow! Still in Gettysburg I see. Cool! Do we have any notes on what sex was like back then? :) Great take. So fun FFFing with you!

  2. Now see, this is some real learning! I've never been to this spot. Can you guarantee me she'll be there next time I stop by!

    Great post and good job on continuing that Civil War mojo!

    It's like a total Civil War-gasm! :)

  3. Like Sassy, see you're still in Gettysburg. And a wonderful way to still be there.

  4. Lovely FFF piece! All the different takes on the picture are such a joy to read :)

  5. Lol..i too sense a theme this week...and yes by all means let's get out of the wool!

  6. Why...I do declare, sir...that is a mighty original take on the prompt.

  7. What a great tie-in to history and a great spin on re-enactments. This could convince several people to become history majors.

    I think every soldier needs a welcome home like she's about to give. A great take on the picture! Thank for a great entry.

  8. I totally missed this last week! I love it. :) I play with the SCA.