Friday, July 12, 2013

FFF: Phone Lines

I nodded at the phone, and you looked at me like I was crazy. "I can't answer it, it's probably my husband."

"That's exactly why I want you to answer. Do it."

I could tell by the small talk that it was indeed your husband. You glared daggers at me as I started to massage your calf as you sat in the hotel room's desk chair, but I just smiled an evil smile at you and motioned that you'd better keep quiet. I took off your shoes and continued massaging your calves...moving up to your knees, and pushing your business skirt higher on your thighs.

You cupped your palm over the phone and hissed "Stop it, you're going to get me in trouble!"

I winked. "No, I'm not. You just have to stay quiet."

I slowly undressed you and massaged every inch of newly-exposed skin as you continued to catch up on things at home. You closed your eyes as you listened to the phone, and I slid your bra off your shoulders and gently squeezed your breast. You let out a low, satisfied hum...and your eyes opened in horror when your husband asked why you'd made that sound.

I smiled as you recovered quickly. "I was just listening to your voice and thinking how long it's been since know, made love. So I was daydreaming a little."

I couldn't tell if he was buying it. But you smiled at me as the conversation continued. "I know honey, we should really try to make the time. Do you remember how much I love to have my neck kissed and sucked?"

I smiled. I could never forget how much you like that, and I tilted your chin up and moved my lips to your soft neck. You moaned softly. "That's right, honey, I'm imagining your lips on my neck right now."

Half an hour later, you were imagining him balls deep in your tight little pussy. Or so he thought.

(330 words)

The challenge this week was:

Required Phrase - "answer it" (check)
Word Limit - 661 (I was rushed, so I used half of my allotment)
Forbidden Word - orgasm (check)
Extra Credit - Tell us who's calling (check)
Bonus Words - 50 if you tell us a phone sex confession (long-time readers will know I already have)

Go see Advizor to see who else is participating.


  1. Well that's a very vivid way to have phone sex with your spouse.

  2. Well, well. The hubby probably convinced himself that she was telling the truth but deep down he knew better. Probably. Unless he was clueless. Which is, you know, totally an option. :D And don't knock the short...short things can be nice.

  3. She's a very cool customer in spite of being played with. Good story!

  4. This is an exceeding clever idea! And I have to adore any post with the phrase "balls deep" in it! Great take Max. So fun FFFing with you.

  5. Such economy of words...... i love the idea of her narrating her encounter as fantasies of him. Well played Miss.

    thanks for joining in! Hope to see you this friday as well!

  6. Heh heh! Enjoyed this. :-)

  7. I love this! One of my fantasies is just like this...forced to be quiet! :D