Friday, July 26, 2013

FFF: Cops and Robbers

"Jesus, you startled me."

"Just answer the question, ma'am. Where were you on the night of July 25th?"

"Bastard. I'm in the shower. Who let you in here? And that's my badge!"

I laughed. "Judy at the front desk knows we're...friends. I sweet-talked her a little, hinted that I had a special surprise for you, and she let me in. Picking the lock to your locker was child's play."

"I'll take that back now."

I kept her at arms length. "Patience, my love, you'll catch your death of cold. Here, let's get a towel and dry you off."

"My love? Don't patronize me. We enjoy each other's company once in a while. It's fun to talk shop. You're a good lay. But that's all it is, and you know it."

"A good lay? Why thank you, sweetheart. You're not bad yourself. And shop talk...yes. It's so interesting to hear about things from the other side. Things I have to be careful of, things that might trigger the law's suspicion. I've been careful so far, but an ill-timed arrest could bring my entire operation to a halt. Not to mention a lengthy prison term for me. We certainly don't want that, do we?"

She smiled a saucy smile. "Bastard. Don't think you haven't given me plenty of information. Information I've used used to bust any number of cocky assholes just like you."

I grinned. "Cocky asshole? Just for that, I'm not going to help you dry off."

She licked her lips, raised an eyebrow, and backed up against the shower wall. I couldn't resist that look and ripped my clothes off as I joined her in the shower. I pinned her against the tile and thrust into her savagely.

Half an hour later we walked together out the front door of the precinct house. I gave Judy at the front desk a wink as we walked by.

"Well, detective, can I treat you to a cup of coffee?" But she mumbled something about other plans. I winked at her as we parted. "I'm sure we'll see each other again soon." Her badge was in my back pocket.

(356 words)

The challenge this week was:

Word Length = 356 (check)
Required word = suspicion (check)
Forbidden words = Soap, hard, officer, effigy (check)
Bonus words (25) = Tell us, who's the sexiest cop on TV? (no idea)
Extra Credit (25) = Confess to a crime you committed (or want to commit) (ha, I'll never confess!)

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  1. Interesting take on the theme: when the good guys and the bad guys are (literally) in bed together. Great story!

  2. Good girls, bad guys, they all blend in together anyway. Who's to say which is which?

    Thanks for joining in, and, as for your confession, we've had you under watch for some time now.....


  3. This was another good one. Lots of um... criminal liaisons and each with their own twist.
    We could supply a series for a whole year of interesting plots.

  4. We are doing well this week; someone should point this weeks FFF to the TV networks. The royalties for the show ideas could make one of us rich! :)

    Great take on the theme.

  5. The phrase - "knows we're... friends." So subtle and snide and sexy. You have such a way with words! So fun FFFing with you Max!

  6. Very nicely done. Enjoied reading your story. Thank you.