Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beach Snippets

I'm back from my annual family beach vacation, and I started to write a post - and then realized I was repeating much of last year's "back from the beach" post. Instead, I'll elaborate on some snippets of conversation from my vacation.

"It's not fair!"
Phrase echoed a number of times during the week in conversations between the Sensual Goddess and Older Daughter, when talking about Younger Daughter. I mentioned last year that YD has blossomed into something you might see in a swimsuit ad, and whatever I said last year, it's even worse this year. I feel kinda bad for OD, as it can't be easy to see that your younger sibling has been blessed by the goddess in a way that you haven't. But thankfully, she seems very good-natured about it. She and SG just laugh and shake their heads and commiserate at how unfair life is.

"If you had seen the way he looked at her...."
(Not my daughters!)
" would have ripped his eyeballs out and stuffed them down his throat." The Sensual Goddess to me, talking about how the bartender at the Tiki bar at our hotel had looked at YD. I laughed and assured her that his eyeballs were safe. Guys ogle - it's what we do. I may not be chasing every bikini on the beach, but I simply cannot help noticing an attractive female form. I can't imagine that I will ever stop noticing and admiring.

So of course guys are ogling my daughters. And yes, I'd step in to protect her from someone creepy. But I understand that my girls are sexual beings, and that nature will take its course. I don't want them to get hurt, and I don't want them to jump into anything before they're ready emotionally - but I also very much hope that they'll experience love and passion and sensual pleasure.

"She's young enough to be your daughter."
Related to the above, this was the Sensual Goddess's laughing taunt to me, noticing me appreciating a lovely female form. (As an aside, she's uncanny about knowing where I'm looking, even when I have sunglasses on.) My answer to that is always, "That may be, but thankfully she's *not* my daughter!"

"Dad, you're the slimmest guy on the beach."
Shockingly, this was said by Older Daughter to me. I think this was partly a compliment to me, but more that she was noticing that it seemed like every guy there had a noticeable beer belly. This left me pretty much speechless, as teenage daughters, however sweet and loving, are very stingy with compliments to parents - being told I'm not embarrassing them is usually the best I can hope for. And believe me, I'm not a chiseled Adonis. (Wait, what's that? This is my blog, and you have to take my word for it? Okay, in that case, maybe I *am* a chiseled Adonis!)

I didn't take a "feet in the sand" pic this year, so last year's will have to do. Happy Summer!


  1. Love your take on daughters and guys. Parenting - tough terrain, and I think they will appreciate how you are handling it when they are older.

  2. my weekend at the pool is coming up with "my" side of teh family, and, tragically, I will be the skinniest guy by the pool. That says a lot more about them than about me. Last weeek with my wife's side, it was the other way around. Dang them and their tall and skinny genes. However, I'm a lot more fun.

    How old is YD? My neice is 15, stunning, and lies to guys about being 18. DANGER WILL ROBINSON! Good luck on YD's 'transition'. My D2 is getting curves and is so oblivious to them that it's funny. It's a never ending and nerve wracking challenge. thanks for sharing.

  3. I only have boys ('scuze me, men), so I am on the flip side of the ogle equation. Sounds like you and SG have a handle on the self esteem/safety issues That parenting young adults of any sex bring. Good for you.

    And chiseled Adonis?

    Sounds painful. Personally, if I had to choose, I'd choose tight mind and loose abs over loose mind and tight abs.

  4. Same as last year... I had all these deep things to say about fathers and daughters and then I looked at those legs and all I got left is HUBBA HUBBA!

  5. There's something really appealing about a man who can see his daughters in this way and appreciate them as complete - and sexual - beings.

    When you couple that with the fact you're a chiselled Adonis, I'd say you are perfect... ;-)