Monday, June 17, 2013

Show Me (Part 1)

I sit down in the hotel room's desk chair and motion to your overnight bag. "Did you bring what we talked about?"

You give just the hint of a blush, smile, and nod "yes." Your blush makes me smile, and I ask you to get the bag and show me. You reach for the bag, then hesitate, and ask if I'll join you on the bed.

"No, I'm going to stay right here. For now. Show me."

You reach into the bag and pull out a little pocket vibe. We both smile when you flick the switch and we hear the high-pitched hum...then you switch it off again and lay it on the bed at your side. You reach into the bag again and pull out a slim lime-green vibrator, about six inches long that tapers to a point. You laugh nervously, then reach into the bag again and pull out a big blue vibrator - long, thick, and with rabbit ears. I can't help laughing. "Wow, that's the grand finale, huh?"

You laugh, and look like you're waiting for me. But I stay in the chair. "Good choices. Now show me how you use them."

I hear the hum of the pocket vibe in your hand, and I see you massage your breast. You're half propped up on a few pillows, and I'm sitting at the foot of the bed, watching intently. Your eyes close with pleasure as you massage your breast...but then you open your eyes and meet my gaze. You give a half smile, then sit up and unbutton your sleeveless blouse. You shrug it off, and I admire the white lace bra underneath.  You smile. "I'd love to take this off...but I think you like the tease." I flash you an evil smile.

You laugh, "That's what I thought." You know what I want. I'm dying to see your body and can't wait to be naked with you...but this is a delicious tease for both of us.

You reach behind and unsnap your bra...but you leave it in place, and then lay back down, half propped up, meeting my gaze. I hear the whine of the little vibe in your hand, and I watch you massage your breasts. You hold the vibe to one nipple...then move it to the other, and you moan softly. You squeeze your breasts, sometimes using your fingers...sometimes using the vibe...and I can see how hard your nipples are under the lace of the bra.

I watch this until I simply need to see more. "Take off your bra. And your shorts."

You smile and pop the button on your khaki shorts, then lift your hips to slide them down your legs and off. I see that you're wearing white lace panties to match your bra. Very sexy.

But now I want your bra. I nod at it. "Toss it here."

(Continued here)


  1. I'm hearing that Julie Andrews song "Show Me" in my head as I read.

    I don't think Joni has been to Morgantown btw. Now if her lyrics were more like

    Saturday Night - Morgantown
    drink a bottle of cheap bourbon and burn your couch

    ladies in their spandex fashion...

    Saturday Night - Morgantown
    buy your tatoo a dollar down

    men in their polyester pants

    Saturday Night - Morgantown
    put that old Ford on the cement blocks out in your yard

    Mr. Mountaineer please stop shooting off that stupid gun

    Saturday Night - Morgantown
    In a Dale Jr tee we go to Go Mart for our chew

    1. Hahahaha.... :-)))
      Yeah, I have a Morgantown not too far from me, and I'm pretty sure Joni's not singing about that one either.