Friday, June 21, 2013

FFF: Peaks

"What are you thinking?"

"What am I thinking? Geez, where to start? We're finally on the hiking vacation we've talked about for so long. We're in the canyonlands of southern very favorite landscape."

We'd been hiking all day and it was time for a break, so I sat on a rock and got my water bottle from my pack. I passed her the baggie of trail mix.

"I'm thinking about the natural beauty we've seen...the red rock we saw the first rays of the morning sun peek over the horizon...the rattlesnake coiled under the rock at the base of the cliff...the red-tail hawk soaring in the sky. And I'm thinking about the view we had from the summit of Wildcat Peak."

She took a sip of water and laughed. "Those are all good thoughts. But yeah...natural beauty.... You're sure you're not thinking about the hiker we passed this morning?"

I winked. "You mean the hot little number with the long legs and the big tits? I'm pretty sure I haven't been thinking of her *every* second since we passed her."

She laughed. "Bastard. I can practically see the thought bubble above your head."

She knows me too well.

(200 words, no bonus, no spanking)

The challenge this week was:

Key Word: "peak/peek" (must use both)
Word Limit: 200 (exactly 200 or spankings will be issued)
Forbidden Words: "chipotle", "asparagus", "chilly"
Bonus Words: if you write two versions, you can make them 250 words each.

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  1. Cute! His a brave man to admit it, but if we can't admire the beauty of the world around us, well, then we are missing a lot.


  2. No harm in admitting to perusing the menu even when on a diet XD If he'd tried a sampling, though, she might not have been so forgiving. Loved the short!

  3. Very well done. :) What is that mantra? Leave no trace, take only pictures...