Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Pretty Safe Bet

Actual conversation between me and the Sensual Goddess from this morning, recreated as best I can.
SG: Come here, I have something to show you.

Me: (intrigued, walks over to where she's sitting with her laptop)

SG: (types into a browser tab) I'm pretty sure you're going to like this. And don't say I never do anything for you. (shows me this)

Me: (unintelligible murmurs of awe and approval)

SG: (laughter) Yeah, I thought so.
I very much appreciate her thinking of me. And that was a really safe bet. Holy smokes. I have no idea who Kelly Brook is or what she does (besides have a smoking hot body). But, as the old expression goes, what's not to like?

SG's final word: "If I had a body like that, I'd not only go topless at the beach, but also at the grocery store and the mall. 'Hey everyone, check me out!'"

Friday, June 21, 2013

FFF: Peaks

"What are you thinking?"

"What am I thinking? Geez, where to start? We're finally on the hiking vacation we've talked about for so long. We're in the canyonlands of southern very favorite landscape."

We'd been hiking all day and it was time for a break, so I sat on a rock and got my water bottle from my pack. I passed her the baggie of trail mix.

"I'm thinking about the natural beauty we've seen...the red rock we saw the first rays of the morning sun peek over the horizon...the rattlesnake coiled under the rock at the base of the cliff...the red-tail hawk soaring in the sky. And I'm thinking about the view we had from the summit of Wildcat Peak."

She took a sip of water and laughed. "Those are all good thoughts. But yeah...natural beauty.... You're sure you're not thinking about the hiker we passed this morning?"

I winked. "You mean the hot little number with the long legs and the big tits? I'm pretty sure I haven't been thinking of her *every* second since we passed her."

She laughed. "Bastard. I can practically see the thought bubble above your head."

She knows me too well.

(200 words, no bonus, no spanking)

The challenge this week was:

Key Word: "peak/peek" (must use both)
Word Limit: 200 (exactly 200 or spankings will be issued)
Forbidden Words: "chipotle", "asparagus", "chilly"
Bonus Words: if you write two versions, you can make them 250 words each.

Go see Advizor to see who else is participating.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Show Me (Part 2)

(Continued from here)

With a laugh, you toss the lace bra at me, and I let it fall to the floor. You're an erotic vision, laying on the bed in just your white lace panties, and seeing the desire in my eyes seems to give you the confidence to continue. You lay back, half propped up on the pillows, and I'm still in the desk chair at the foot of the bed.

"Squeeze your breasts for me." You massage them...squeezing them gently...then you start to play with your nipples. I stop you. "No, not yet. Get the green vibe." You reach for the slim lime-green vibe. "Touch it to your lips." You open your mouth and touch the head of the vibe to your top lip...then slowly trace the circle of your open lips. I give a low groan of appreciation.

"Very good. Now suck it." You wrap your lips around the vibe and slide it into your mouth...then out again...then back in, deeper.

"Good girl. Now play with your nipples. Pinch them." "Ohhh...." "Harder." "Ahhhhhhh...."

"Turn the vibe on." A high-pitched hum fills the room. "Touch it to your nipples." "Oh fuck...." Your eyes close and your head falls back. "Stop." Your eyes jerk open. "Keep your gaze on mine." You nod.

You continue to use the vibe on your nipples, and I smile at your struggle to keep your gaze on mine. "I want to touch my pussy." "Are you wet for me?" "Soaked. I want to show you." "No, not yet. More nipple play."

Your hands may not be allowed there yet, but your hips are writhing as you continue to use the vibe on one nipple, while pinching and twisting the other.

"Are you ready to touch your pussy?"

"God, yes. Please, can I?"

(To be continued)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Show Me (Part 1)

I sit down in the hotel room's desk chair and motion to your overnight bag. "Did you bring what we talked about?"

You give just the hint of a blush, smile, and nod "yes." Your blush makes me smile, and I ask you to get the bag and show me. You reach for the bag, then hesitate, and ask if I'll join you on the bed.

"No, I'm going to stay right here. For now. Show me."

You reach into the bag and pull out a little pocket vibe. We both smile when you flick the switch and we hear the high-pitched hum...then you switch it off again and lay it on the bed at your side. You reach into the bag again and pull out a slim lime-green vibrator, about six inches long that tapers to a point. You laugh nervously, then reach into the bag again and pull out a big blue vibrator - long, thick, and with rabbit ears. I can't help laughing. "Wow, that's the grand finale, huh?"

You laugh, and look like you're waiting for me. But I stay in the chair. "Good choices. Now show me how you use them."

I hear the hum of the pocket vibe in your hand, and I see you massage your breast. You're half propped up on a few pillows, and I'm sitting at the foot of the bed, watching intently. Your eyes close with pleasure as you massage your breast...but then you open your eyes and meet my gaze. You give a half smile, then sit up and unbutton your sleeveless blouse. You shrug it off, and I admire the white lace bra underneath.  You smile. "I'd love to take this off...but I think you like the tease." I flash you an evil smile.

You laugh, "That's what I thought." You know what I want. I'm dying to see your body and can't wait to be naked with you...but this is a delicious tease for both of us.

You reach behind and unsnap your bra...but you leave it in place, and then lay back down, half propped up, meeting my gaze. I hear the whine of the little vibe in your hand, and I watch you massage your breasts. You hold the vibe to one nipple...then move it to the other, and you moan softly. You squeeze your breasts, sometimes using your fingers...sometimes using the vibe...and I can see how hard your nipples are under the lace of the bra.

I watch this until I simply need to see more. "Take off your bra. And your shorts."

You smile and pop the button on your khaki shorts, then lift your hips to slide them down your legs and off. I see that you're wearing white lace panties to match your bra. Very sexy.

But now I want your bra. I nod at it. "Toss it here."

(Continued here)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Birthday Lunch

I recently thought of an afternoon from the distant hazy past. She knew it was my birthday, and asked if she could take me out for lunch. It was a work day, but I could get away without anyone noticing...and the twinkle in her voice when she suggested lunch had me smiling with anticipation.

I picked her up, and she directed me where to go, saying that lunch was a birthday surprise. I laughed when I pulled into the the parking lot. Hooters. Burgers, wings, and beer...served by big-breasted girls in skimpy outfits.

"I know you won't mind the sights. And maybe we can get you some special birthday attention."

I laughed. I didn't really want any special birthday attention beyond what I was already getting. I enjoy a well-filled-out tank top as much as the next guy (and maybe even more!) - but I'm not natural at small-talk, and usually find these situations unnatural and awkward.

As it turned out, lunch was a disaster. It must have been our waitress's first day on the job - and almost certainly her last. She wasn't friendly, wasn't attentive, acted frazzled and overwhelmed when we did get her attention, and disappeared for lengthy periods.

The Hooters experience of the bubbly young thing who flaunts her cleavage and makes flirty small-talk while serving your wings? Didn't remotely happen. In the end, we considered ourselves lucky to have gotten anything to eat, and just wanted out of there, as my lunch hour was long-since over.

She apologized over and over on the short drive back to her place, and I assured her it wasn't her fault that the waitress was incompetent. I laughed and said we'd give it another try on another day. She pouted, "But I wanted to see you get something special for your birthday."

I assured her that lunch with her *had* made the day special. I was disappointed too that both the meal and the experience were horribly sub-par, but none of that was her fault - she had tried to give me a lunchtime treat, and I was touched at the thought.

We got back to her place, and she asked if I could come in for a minute, that she had something for me. I was intrigued...there wasn't time for *that*...was there? But I was already very late for work, so what difference would another few minutes make? We got inside, and she asked me to wait a second, and breezed into the other room. Her voice called me, and I walked to her room.

She was laying on the bed, propped on her elbows. Her sundress was up around her panties. She slowly spread her legs...never taking her gaze from mine.

Work? What work???

Happy birthday to me.