Friday, May 24, 2013

FFF: Predicament

We slipped in the back door, giddy with anticipation, and headed down to the basement play area. She was a new playmate of mine, and couldn't wait to see some of the features I told her I'd installed in my basement. We stopped a few times for urgent kisses, then finally made it downstairs and turned on the light. The sight that confronted us almost made me laugh out loud.

She gaped, speechless. Then finally managed, "You didn't tell me about this...."

"That's because it's a surprise to me too. It's a misunderstanding. Today is the 24th, which means the basement's mine. I get the even days on the calendar, my wife gets the odd days."

I rolled my eyes. What a predicament. We're really going to have to get better about scheduling our basement time. Or did you leave the poor guy hanging there since yesterday?

Now that the shock had worn off, she was pouting. "But that's the hook you promised you'd hang me from. And that's the collar you said you'd put on me."

I looked at her with an evil smile. "Go over to the dresser and bring me what's in the top drawer."

She walked over hesitantly, opened the drawer, and brought me a blindfold, a collar, a paddle, and some lengths of rope.

"Good girl." I nodded at the ceiling. "You'll notice that there's more than one hook in here. Enough of everything for everyone." I blindfolded her and tied her wrists securely together.

(250 words, no extra credit or bonus)

The challenge this week was:

Key Word - "Predicament"
Word Limit - 250
Forbidden Words = "Hard"  "Peek"  "Trouble"
Extra Credit if you make it somewhat truthful
Bonus Words - 25 extra words if you gain a new follower this week

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  1. Yowza, Max! There are so many sexy detours in this story, I had to read it three times and then... um... stop reading for awhile. :) Great take! So fun FFFing with you!

  2. "Enough of everything for everyone."

    Ahh, now isn't that the goal fro everyone. I like the evens and odds, but I want Odds so I get the 31st and the 1st for sleepovers. :-)

    Thanks for joining in, it looks like we have a pretty elite group this week. So i appreciate it!

  3. 1.) I fully appreciate the kinky flavor of your story
    2.) I'm immensely fond of that photo.
    3.) "enough of everything for everyone" what an ideal situation!
    4.) @Advizor: 31st and 1st sleepovers...I would have angle for the odds as well. I'm greedy that way!

  4. So much fun, and Sassy is right: so many delicious detours.

  5. ROFLOL! Oh my! This was just fun!