Friday, April 26, 2013

FFF: Boots

When I woke up, I could tell that the sun was already over the horizon. I laid on the bedroll inside my tent. If I really wanted to advance my career, I should be applying for desk jobs, clawing my way up the bureaucracy. Instead, I requested an appointment as Chief Ranger at Joshua Tree, in the high desert.

I laid there in my reverie, breathing in the cool morning air, when I remembered with a start that I hadn't spent last night alone. I had camped alone at a remote campsite, when I was joined by a late-arriving backpacker. She joined me at my campfire, and we were both happy for the company. One thing led to another, and the little wildcat spent most of the night showing me how insatiable she was.

I rolled over, and wasn't surprised to see that she was gone. I was comfortable, contented, and was almost drifting off for a few more minutes sleep...and then I noticed something, and sat bolt upright.

My boots. They're not at the door of the tent where I always leave them. Did she take them? Is this some kind of prank? If so, it's not funny. Out here among the snakes and scorpions, good boots are a necessity. Goddammit, where are they?

Then I heard the sound of someone walking outside. I scrambled out, and there she was. Wearing my boots. Mystery solved.

She turned to me and smiled. "Beautiful morning. I hope you don't mind that I borrowed your boots."

I didn't. And five minutes later, when she was spread wide underneath me on the cool sand and she put her feet on my shoulders, I could see for myself that my boots were fine.

(289 words)

The challenge this week was:

Key Word - "Appointment"
Word Limit - 264
Extra Credit - Leave her boots on
Bonus Words - 25 each for aliens, park rangers, crock pots, or a dinosaur

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Friday, April 19, 2013

FFF: Stolen

I noticed her soon after the day's work started. Or maybe I should say, I noticed her noticing me. I felt her gaze before I turned my head and met her smile with one of my own. A day of volunteering for Habitat for Humanity isn't a place you'd normally think of meeting a girl - but she looked cute and feminine even in a yellow hard hat and safety goggles. And her carpenter's overalls couldn't hide the lithe little body underneath.

She found me at coffee break, and we talked about the day's work, laughed, and even flirted a bit. And we found a few stolen moments to talk while working.

Our paths only crossed once in the afternoon. I was working in a closet when she came in. "I'm going to be the last here to lock up when everyone else goes. Stay, okay?" I smiled and said I would.

When quitting time came, the rest of the team left, and I locked the door behind them. Before I could turn to face her, she was on me, and we were kissing frantically. I pinned her against the wall and kissed her hard...then I grabbed that thick brown ponytail I'd been admiring all day and pulled her head back so I could devour her throat.

We started undressing each other right there, standing up, as we kissed. Then she whispered, "There's a mattress in one of the bedrooms."

We ran up the stairs, shedding clothes as we went. We embraced on the bed, then I rolled onto my back and pulled her on top of me. We were both sweaty and tired from a hard day's labor, but that just made the moment more sensual.

She arched her back and pulled her t-shirt over her head.

"Ready, big boy?"

(300 words)

The challenge this week was: up to 300 words.
The word "stolen" must be used.
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blog Chain: "Spring Break"

The April edition of Kat's blog chain is now posted. This month's topic is "spring break or sex in the springtime." Please read the various submissions - you'll be glad you did. My entry is a very old post "Heather", set on a Saturday morning in April. It's one of my earliest posts on this blog, and also one of my favorites.

If you haven't joined in yet, why not join next month's edition? The subject will be...hmmm, there's no announced topic yet. Well, you'll have to pay close attention to Kat's blog to find out. (You're already following her, right?)

Full blog chain details are here. Many thanks to Kat and Ryan Beaumont for organizing this.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Funny Pic

Ellen Degeneres reacting to Katy Perry's cleavage at the 2013 Grammy Awards. This cracks me up...and I'm pretty sure I'd have the same reaction.

Google search result of more pics here.