Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Charity Ride (Finale)

(Not me - a random pic from the Internet)
(Continued from here)

She glanced at my room key, smiled, and noted that her boyfriend wouldn't be done his ride for a while. I smiled back and (not for the first time that day) wondered what her body would feel like against mine. But I was far from certain that she was hinting at anything, so I just suggested that maybe we could hang out after we showered and changed. She agreed and said she'd come get me in a bit.

I got to my tiny room, tossed my bag in the corner, and was very pleased to see that I had a private bathroom and shower. Many rooms didn't, and shared a common bathroom/shower. My body was weary after the long ride, and I peeled my sweaty clothes off and laid on the bed, needing a few minutes of horizontal rest before the ecstasy of a long hot shower.

My reverie was broken by a knock on the door. I jumped up and wrapped a towel around my waist. It was her. I apologized for my state, and she smiled. She wondered if I had a private bath - she didn't, and there was a line of cyclists down at the end of the hall waiting to shower. I said "of course", and invited her in - noting that she had a towel and her toiletry bag with her.

She put her things down on the bed and turned to me and our eyes met - and there was no question. We reached for each other and kissed hungrily. My towel fell to the floor, and I peeled the sweaty spandex off her. The kiss went on, and our hands explored...stroking, probing. She whispered in my ear that she didn't have much time. I took her arm and led her to the shower.

It was tiny, but somehow we both fit. The hot water felt exquisite on my sore muscles, and her warm naked body felt even better than I'd imagined. I pressed her against the shower wall as the water beat down on us. I soaped her body and squeezed her breasts. She reached for my cock, which was hard as steel, and guided me to her. I covered her mouth with mine and thrust, and she moaned into my mouth as I entered her...pinning her against the shower wall. She wrapped both arms and one leg around me and I fucked her hard. She came with a shudder and a low deep moan, and then I was hard I swear I saw stars.

We came slowly down together, then de-coupled. We finished a quick shower, then stroked and kissed a little more. I wanted much more. I badly wanted to lay her down and make sweet love to her - but I knew it wasn't happening. She looked at the clock and said she had to go, so I gave her a tight hug and one last kiss and she was gone.

Postscript: I didn't see her on the ride back the next day. I wondered how she would react the next time I saw her at volleyball - but she gave no indication that anything was different. That stung a little at first, but I knew it was probably for the best. I have my memories, and they're very sweet.


  1. Very sweet indeed! I adore how you are ready to help a lady out on a moment's notice.

  2. As usual...good stuff. And I qualifies. I had a hard time with this prompt, so I stayed out this round - but I'm glad you took it on and shared this!

    Also...I've nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award.

  3. *dashes out to buy a bike*

    This was a delicious duo, Max. Thank you for my afternoon tingle...