Friday, February 15, 2013

FFF: Love and Punishment

She was an erotic vision, naked but for the black silk stockings. I ran my hands up her long legs, and pushed her knees apart. I kissed the insides of her thighs, then I paused...teasing...waiting for her to look down at me.

"This is what you were wearing earlier? Just these stockings?"

"I swear it, yes."

She watched me move in close, felt my hot breath on her sex. I touched my tongue to her pussy and gave her one long slow lick.

"Go on." I circled her clit with my tongue.

"I laid on the bed and asked him to join me. He frowned and sat down in the chair instead."

I spread her pussy lips with my fingers and pushed my tongue into her. "Then what?"

"I tried to entice him...I touched myself.... God I love how you lick me."

I slid my tongue up and down, back and forth...tasting her sweetness...her soft moans in my ears. "And he didn't react at all?"

"Not at all.... My god, how can you expect me to talk when you're doing this.... No, he acted like it was punishment. He just sat there, then finally said 'Why are you doing this? You know we'll make love tomorrow.'"

I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked, and she let out a deep needy moan. It still boggled me that my idiot boss would only touch his wife once a year - on Valentine's Day. Well, his loss was my gain for the other 364 days.

I pushed one finger, then a second, into her pussy and moved them slowly in and out as I flicked my tongue over her clit. Her whole body tensed, and she climaxed with a scream.

"Now get up here and fuck me."
(300 words)

The challenge this week was: up to 300 words.
The words "love" and "punishment" must be used.
Extra credit to set the story on Feb. 13.
Go see Advizor to see who else is participating.


  1. Oh! How naughty and delicious! Great take. Happy FFF!

  2. WOW.... much happier and sexier than my gloomy effots. It's good so see that others had more fun with this wonderful picture.

    Great job!!!

  3. I love everything about this and the way you create a deep eroticism (and history) with such economy...