Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Office Christmas Party (Finale)

(Continued from here)

The kiss was pure electricity. She pushed me back into my seat, showing a strength that surprised me. Her hands were on my chest, then moved down to grab my cock. She broke the kiss, then moved her lips to my neck...then my ear.

"Thank you...for the ride home...and for making me feel so good."

I smiled and started to tell her it was my pleasure, but she interrupted me by squeezing my cock.

"This feels nice, and I want to make you feel good."

She bent down, unzipped my suit pants, and with a little bit of difficulty brought my fully erect cock out through the fly. She wrapped her palm around my shaft, licked a full circle around my head, then took me into her mouth and sucked me in.

Fuck did that ever feel good. She started bobbing up and down, and I wrapped the fingers of my right hand in her silky hair...guiding her up and down. There was just enough light from a streetlight down the block that I could see her sucking me. The thought occurred to me that her sucking me through the fly of my suit pants was way more erotic than if she had taken my pants down.

I'd like to say that I lasted a really long time...but it felt too damned good, and I was way too turned on by the whole situation. I knew I was close, and I told her - because if she didn't want me to cum in her mouth, then I was going to have to figure out quickly how to not ruin my suit and her dress.

Thankfully it wasn't an issue.  When I whispered that I was close, she started sucking me faster...trying to take me deeper. I had the orgasm of my life...something like an out-of-body experience...and she gulped down every drop, keeping me in her mouth as I slowly went down.

She came up and kissed me again, gently this time...soft and intimate. I tried to pull her closer, but she broke the kiss and said she had to go. I wanted more, but I understood. I zipped up and drove the short distance back to her house, and we parted with one last soft kiss and a big tight hug. She whispered "Merry Christmas" in my ear, and I smiled and wished her the same. Then she was gone.


  1. While parting is such sweet sorrow, I have no doubt this sexy encounter kept you warm that night.

    Thank you for my morning tingle...

  2. OMGOSH!!!!! That really was the perfect encounter. Wonderfully written my friend.

  3. Wow... so hot!! You write so beautifully... made me feel like I was in that car! I like your holiday parties a lot better than mine. Great being on the chain gang with you, Max!

  4. Gotta hear a postscript about this! Great story and a wonderful memory.