Friday, December 14, 2012

FFF: Discovery

Young enough to be my daughter? I laughed to myself. Young enough to be my granddaughter was more accurate. And that made it all the sweeter. My ungrateful kids could put me in a nursing home, but I still had more drive than a man half my age. When I was done making this hot little number squeal, I'd send her back to the nurse's station, then give the night-shift nurse her turn. That long-haired brunette loved to be held down and pounded, and even though I'd taken her yesterday, I couldn't wait to give it to her again. I was a carnal beast...ravenous, insatiable.

The distant sound of a bell ringing brought me back to the candle-lit room. I was sitting in a cross-legged meditation posture. The guide spoke soothingly.

"You went deep within, but now I want you to all return to the present moment. Lie still and breathe and take a moment to reflect on your meditation of how you picture yourself in old age. Reflect on the discovery of your true nature, when the passions of the body have subsided."

Subsided? Hmmm...perhaps I had done the meditation wrong. Nothing had subsided in the slightest.

Or maybe that *was* my true nature.

(205 words)

The challenge this week was: up to 219 words.
The phrase "...discovery..." must be used.
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  1. Good morning, Max... great variations on a theme with this! Very interesting!!


  2. My dad was still flirting with nurses at 87, so you can too! What a happy thought! Wonderful FFFing with you!

  3. A great variation o the theme indeed, nicely done!

  4. LOL! I like your take on the prompt. It always amazes me that people think you stop having or wanting sex after a certain age. sigh...

  5. And long may that nature reign!

    Absolutely fabulous, Max... ;-)

  6. We all have to plan for, and prepare for the future, and I love the way he's going about it.... My grandfather-in-law used to flirt with his care-givers all the time and they loved it. He was so full of sparkle.

    Thanks for writing, you always do such a great job! See you next week!

  7. I love what you did with this prompt!!

  8. very nice and naughty. felt like i was in the background of his dream, watching.