Friday, December 21, 2012

FFF: Christmas

I kept telling myself I must have overindulged in the eggnog, but these were the most realistic dreams I'd ever had. In the first one, a spirit had led me through scenes of holiday sex I'd had in the past - the smoking hot kisses under the mistletoe, the frenzied lovemaking under the Christmas tree, and all the naughty little elves I'd known over the years. The dream brought back unexpected memories and sensations I'd almost forgotten.

The second spirit showed me myself in the present day, and the erotic pleasures that were just around the corner. When the dream ended I was aroused and excited.

Now the third spirit summoned me, and I saw myself in the future. I trembled with anxiety, and couldn't help from crying out, "Tell me, ghost of erotic Christmas future, what lies in store for me?"

The spirit was silent and pointed at the ski lodge. I entered, and it seemed empty. But then I heard a muffled sound and went upstairs, my heart pounding through my chest. When I saw the sight that awaited me in the first bedroom, I feel to my knees and sobbed with joy, "God bless us, every one!"

(200 words, with apologies to Charles Dickens)

The challenge this week was: up to 200 words.
The phrase "...unexpected..." must be used.
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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blog Chain: Holiday Sex

The December edition of Kat's blog chain is now posted. This month's topic is "holiday sex". Please read the submissions and see different bloggers' take on this fun topic. My entry is last week's post about an office Christmas party from the distant hazy past.

Next month's topic is "the Super Bowl of Sex (best sex ever)". If you're a blogger and haven't yet joined in, why not start now?

Full blog chain details are here.

Friday, December 14, 2012

FFF: Discovery

Young enough to be my daughter? I laughed to myself. Young enough to be my granddaughter was more accurate. And that made it all the sweeter. My ungrateful kids could put me in a nursing home, but I still had more drive than a man half my age. When I was done making this hot little number squeal, I'd send her back to the nurse's station, then give the night-shift nurse her turn. That long-haired brunette loved to be held down and pounded, and even though I'd taken her yesterday, I couldn't wait to give it to her again. I was a carnal beast...ravenous, insatiable.

The distant sound of a bell ringing brought me back to the candle-lit room. I was sitting in a cross-legged meditation posture. The guide spoke soothingly.

"You went deep within, but now I want you to all return to the present moment. Lie still and breathe and take a moment to reflect on your meditation of how you picture yourself in old age. Reflect on the discovery of your true nature, when the passions of the body have subsided."

Subsided? Hmmm...perhaps I had done the meditation wrong. Nothing had subsided in the slightest.

Or maybe that *was* my true nature.

(205 words)

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The phrase "...discovery..." must be used.
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Office Christmas Party (Finale)

(Continued from here)

The kiss was pure electricity. She pushed me back into my seat, showing a strength that surprised me. Her hands were on my chest, then moved down to grab my cock. She broke the kiss, then moved her lips to my neck...then my ear.

"Thank you...for the ride home...and for making me feel so good."

I smiled and started to tell her it was my pleasure, but she interrupted me by squeezing my cock.

"This feels nice, and I want to make you feel good."

She bent down, unzipped my suit pants, and with a little bit of difficulty brought my fully erect cock out through the fly. She wrapped her palm around my shaft, licked a full circle around my head, then took me into her mouth and sucked me in.

Fuck did that ever feel good. She started bobbing up and down, and I wrapped the fingers of my right hand in her silky hair...guiding her up and down. There was just enough light from a streetlight down the block that I could see her sucking me. The thought occurred to me that her sucking me through the fly of my suit pants was way more erotic than if she had taken my pants down.

I'd like to say that I lasted a really long time...but it felt too damned good, and I was way too turned on by the whole situation. I knew I was close, and I told her - because if she didn't want me to cum in her mouth, then I was going to have to figure out quickly how to not ruin my suit and her dress.

Thankfully it wasn't an issue.  When I whispered that I was close, she started sucking me faster...trying to take me deeper. I had the orgasm of my life...something like an out-of-body experience...and she gulped down every drop, keeping me in her mouth as I slowly went down.

She came up and kissed me again, gently this time...soft and intimate. I tried to pull her closer, but she broke the kiss and said she had to go. I wanted more, but I understood. I zipped up and drove the short distance back to her house, and we parted with one last soft kiss and a big tight hug. She whispered "Merry Christmas" in my ear, and I smiled and wished her the same. Then she was gone.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Office Christmas Party (Part 2)

(Continued from here)

I drove off, and she sighed loudly and sank back into the seat. She vented a little about her drunken husband, but then seemed like she'd decided to drop that subject. She thanked me profusely for the ride home, and hoped it wasn't too far out of my way. She told me where she lived, and it wasn't - we'd have maybe a 20-minute ride to her house, then I'd have another 10 minutes to my house.

We fell into a relaxed conversation. Her presence so close to me, the smell of her perfume, and her friendly, mildly-flirtatious manner had me aroused...and my imagination was flying. The suspense was killing me to find out if she'd give an indication if she wanted me to make a move when we got to her place.

But I didn't have to wait that long - she took my hand in hers, squeezed it, and put it on her bare knee. That was all the invitation I needed. I stroked her knee...then slowly up her leg. She leaned back in the seat and parted her legs. Her inner thighs were soft as silk, and I caressed her softly. I asked her if she was sure, and the way she said "yes" in her sultry voice made my cock even harder than it already was.

I was still driving while this was happening, and my left hand stayed on the wheel as my right hand caressed her thigh. My eyes stayed mostly on the road, though I stole the occasional glance over at her...her dress riding high on her thighs.

My hand climbed higher, nudging her legs further apart. I finally reached the lace of her panties, and I could feel the heat of her pussy. I stroked her mound through the panties, and I smiled to myself as she let out a soft moan.

We pulled up to a red light, and I told her to take her panties off. She quickly slid them down her legs, and made my heart skip a beat when she handed them to me. I stuffed them into the pocket of my suit jacket as the light turned green.

She leaned back and spread wide as I traced my fingers from her knee upwards. I finally touched her pussy...and she was soaked. I got one finger wet with her juices and circled her clit. I slide a finger slowly up and down her slit...then slowly slid it into her. I started a slow fucking motion, and she started moaning continuously.

It sounded like she was approaching a climax, so I slowed down and stopped touching her clit. She groaned with frustration, and I smiled a wicked smile to myself.

"Does that feel good?"

"Fuck yes, you know it does. Don't tease me, let me cum."

I laughed. "All in good time."

I got my finger wet with her juices, then offered it to her lips. She sucked it clean, making my cock lurch. I got my finger wet again and brought it to my own lips. She was sweet as honey, so I gave myself another taste.

We were getting close to her neighborhood, so I went back to work on her pussy as I drove. I circled her clit faster with my fingers, and her moans became faster and higher-pitched. My fingers were a blur on her pussy, and she moaned that she was going to cum (as if I couldn't tell.) She groaned out loud and her whole body clenched as her climax washed over her. I stole a glance over at her, and her dress was hiked all the way to her waist, her legs splayed wide, her pussy glistening.

She laid back in the seat, momentarily collapsing...then recovering enough of her wits to give me directions into her development.  She told me how to get to her house, and as I drove there, she sucked her juices off my fingers.

She told me her house was on the left, but that I should make a right into the next cul-de-sac. I found a dark quiet place to park, turned the car off, pulled her to me, and kissed her hard.

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Office Christmas Party

The annual office Christmas party - not my favorite thing, as I'm not good at forced small-talk with work colleagues I don't really like. But there are a few people who I do like the chance to get to know a little better. And of course there's something to be said for a really good meal - not to mention free-flowing drink.

This particular party was more than a few years ago. I was between girlfriends, but didn't mind going solo. I arrived during appetizers and cocktails, and I got a drink and made the rounds  - getting my schmoozing with the bosses out of the way as quickly as possible, then looking for some friendly colleagues to hang out with.

At one point, Kim from tech support came over to me and gave me a big smile and a hug. I had worked with her on a couple of projects during the previous year, and she was a pleasure to work with. She was also a pleasure to look at - a tiny little thing...young, lithe, bubbly...shoulder-length straight brown hair, sparkling blue eyes. She had a royal blue cocktail dress on that hugged every curve...and I tried not to openly gawk.

My head was still spinning from the hug, when she introduced me to her husband. I knew she was married, but I was surprised to see that he also worked in our department. They had different last names, and there's no reason I would have known. He gave me a bored handshake and excused himself.

She apologized, telling me not to mind him, that he just wanted to get hammered with his buddies. We chatted for a bit, and she was flirtatious enough that my blood pressure had gone up a few points - but that was her personality, and I enjoyed it for what it was without reading too much into it. I've also seen enough people make fools out of themselves at the company Christmas party, and my guard was securely up.

We had dinner at separate tables, and I didn't see her again until the end of the night. I ran into her as I was getting ready to go. She was obviously upset, and I asked what was the matter. It was her husband - he was already drunk and wanted to stay and drink more with his buddies, while she wanted to leave.

Alarm bells went off in my head, and warning sirens flashed red. The voice of reason was standing on one of my shoulders telling me not to get involved - just wish her a good evening and get out of there. But the voice of curiosity (fueled by a couple of drinks) was on my other shoulder....

I hesitated...then asked if she wanted a ride home. She flashed her big blues at me. "Would you?"

Fuck me...this was too cliche to actually happen. And most likely nothing would happen anyway, but a surge of adrenaline rushed through me anyway.

I didn't want to be seen leaving together, as I didn't want to be the subject of company gossip on Monday morning. I told her that I'd be at the side door of the banquet hall in five minutes - that if she wanted a ride home to come out, quickly get in, and we'd be off. And that if she wasn't out in ten minutes, that I'd assume she'd made other arrangements and I'd go home.

I said goodnights to the people around and went out to my car. My heart was thumping, and I chided myself at how silly I was. Even if she does come out, all you're doing is giving her a ride home. But I couldn't get some of the looks she'd given me out of my head. She was beautiful and sexy, and looked amazing in her slinky blue dress.

But first things first - I didn't even know if I'd be giving her a ride home. I pulled up to the side door. Five minutes had gone by. I waited a few minutes then looked at my watch. Ten minutes. I'd give her one more minute, then I'd go.

The door opened, she hurried out, opened my passenger door and got in.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

FFF: Decision

"Max, do you have a minute? I need your help with a decision."

I stepped into the hallway, and holy smokes, there was my girlfriend's roommate in the altogether....

This was upping the ante *way* beyond her normal teasing. She knew when my girlfriend worked the early shift, and loved to tease me. I kept my cool, as I always did.

"What do you think of this semi-gloss paint? Do you think it needs another coat of high-gloss?"

I smiled. But instead of answering, I grabbed her and pushed her firmly face-first against the wall. My right hand made a fist in her hair.

I hissed in her ear. "Saucy little cockteaser."

My other hand dipped down between her legs. I hissed, "High gloss, huh?"

I released her and walked toward the door. As I left, I heard her taunt, "Bye Max. She works the early shift tomorrow too, right?"

(150 words)

I'm happy to see that Advizor is hosting FFF. I've always loved FFF, but I've gotten out of the habit of looking for FFF challenges. I hope to get back in the groove. And if you aren't playing, why not give it a try? It's a fun and challenging writing exercise, and part of the fun is seeing the different takes that people come up with in response to the challenge. Many thanks to Advizor for keeping this going.

The challenge this week was: up to 150 words.
The phrase "...decision..." must be used.
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