Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Clean Sheets

(not my actual bedroom)
Recently, the Sensual Goddess went away for an extended weekend to take care of some family matters. She was coming home on Monday, and being the thoughtful guy I am, I tried to straighten up the house.

I can't possibly get it to her high standards, as my eyes just don't see the level of detail that she sees - but I gave it my best shot. I got the dirty dishes out of the sink, straightened up the kitchen, did some laundry. To cap my thoughtfulness, I washed the sheets, as SG considers freshly-washed sheets one of life's great pleasures.

Fast forwarding, she got home, and we caught up on events of the weekend, etc. She was suitably impressed that I had the house in...maybe not good shape...let's call it "not horrible."

When she got upstairs, she noticed my extra effort with the sheets. Was her reaction:

a) Touched gratitude at my thoughtfulness.
    -- or --
b) Cocking an eyebrow and asking what had gone on that I needed to wash the sheets.

The answer, of course, is b). I laughed and laughed (and she assured me that she was teasing), seeing the proof, yet again, that no good deed goes unpunished.


  1. LOL to her reaction! And I echo Ryan's question. :)

  2. Such a curious group.... That's between me and my washing machine. ;-)

  3. LOL! If only washing machines used email, I'd go straight to the source. Well, the second source, since the first one is being uncooperative. :-P

  4. I will admit I have similar thoughts whenever Hubby goes out of his way to do household chores... what did he break? Who did he mess with? HA! Hope you made a big mess!

  5. I consider freshly washed sheets one of life's pleasures too. They make me feel very horny!

    Is the pic of your actual bedroom? If it is I'm very can come and sort my bed out any time ;-D

  6. i recenly had an anniversary and bought a little give for my wife for each day of the week leading up to it. On more tha one occasion she asked what I was making up for......

  7. After being away for an extended weekend, I don't think I would have noticed the clean sheets. Just saying. ;)