Monday, October 8, 2012

A Little Deeper

You look up at me with your big eyes, asking me wordlessly if you're doing a good job? I give you a half smile and a nod of my head. You know you know how much I love having you on your knees in front of me. You've been sucking my cock greedily...hungrily...bobbing your head up and of my hands cradling your head and guiding you.

But now it's time to give you a little more. Time for you to go a little deeper. Now both my hands grip your head...both sets of my fingers lace in your hair. I pull out so that just my head is in your mouth...then I slowly push forward, thrusting my hips. You try to open, and I hit the back of your throat. I slowly withdraw, looking down at you.

I know you want to do better than that, so we'll try again...slowly out, letting you get your breath...then thrusting back in, my grip on your head firmer, my thrust more insistent. I feel you trying to open, trying to take more. I know you want it, and I want to give it to you.

I push...sliding a fraction of an inch deeper into your throat. You're trying to keep looking up and keep your gaze on mine, but I can see your eyes watering. I hear the gurgling in your're right at the point of gagging. I hold you right there...muscles straining...right on the edge, for what seems like minutes...hours...and then I break the tension, easing off just a bit.

I withdraw an inch, and hear you gasp for air...your watery eyes still looking up at me. You know by my gaze that that was good...but we're not done. I think you can take more, and you're going to go just a little deeper this time.


  1. Why is it we always think they can take an inch more? :) .. Nicely written ...

  2. Mmm... hot. I wish someone would make me take another inch.

  3. Oh, this inspires my hunger. Delicious piece, M...