Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A First Meeting

I looked at my watch, noting that the agreed-upon time was a few minutes past, and smiled at myself for the butterflies in my stomach. There's always a nervousness about first meetings - even when you've exchanged e-mails and talked, and you're comfortable that there's plenty in common and that you want to meet in person...there's still a small voice whispering, "Are you sure this isn't going to go horribly wrong?"

The knock on the door finally came. The initial greeting was a blur, and I was more relieved than anything - nothing had been misrepresented, and whatever happened, it wasn't going to be a disaster.

There was some friendly small talk, and then we were both ready to get down to business. We fell into a nice easy rhythm right away, and I smiled to myself at how well everything was going - it was everything you hope for, and don't dare expect. We smiled at each other, and I got some nice compliments, which I returned.

That feeling of connection never gets old or stale - it's a great feeling every single time. And finding it with someone new is always a rush.

We went for more than two hours without a break, and then decided we'd better call it a night. Before saying goodbye, we'd already made plans for a next time. Who knows how things will develop, but it was a very exciting first meeting.

This is the completely true story of a Craigslist encounter that happened last weekend - from the "Musicians Classified" section. I'm looking for jam partners, or even a band to join. And it occurred to me how similar the whole screening/meeting process sounded to many stories I've read here in blogland, so I thought I'd have a little fun telling the tale. :-)


  1. You put a great slant on that post, and quite honestly I was really pleased at the reality.

    However, I have many muso friends who I wouldn't mind know....but my own rules won't allow me to go there.

    I've never yet found a muso on Illicit Encounters. Sadly :-(

  2. Ok, you got me. This was genius. :)

  3. Oh... What a wonderful vignette. It's clear to me that chemistry is a necessary element in all parts of our lives and you captured that perfectly.