Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thoughts from the Beach

On the first morning of a recent family beach vacation, the Sensual Goddess sidled up to me and warned me that my youngest girl was nervous about me seeing her in her new bathing suit. I smiled and braced myself. My littlest girl is now in her mid-teens, and is long, lean, and shapely.

We got to the beach, and Youngest Daughter finally unveiled herself, and yes, I did a double-take when I saw her in her new string bikini. She looks like a swimsuit model, and I couldn't help but notice that she was turning the heads of not only teenage boys, but also of grown men.

Of course it gives me a twinge of emotion - how quickly the years pass, and how I miss the sweetness of having little girls, and the whole "holy smokes, is that really my daughter?!?" But I'm not too freaked out about it. Some guys seem to have a lot of trouble thinking of their daughters as sexual beings - the classic image of the dad cleaning his gun when the date arrives.

I want her to be careful, and I don't want her to get hurt (impossible, I know) - but I'm also not in denial that she is a sexual being. I hope she's comfortable with herself - she was clearly mortified a few years ago when body changes first started happening, but wearing her new bathing suit out in public is a clear sign that she's much more comfortable with her body.

I hope she'll be able to experience love and passion and sensual pleasure. Actually, I hope that for everyone - yes, even my littlest girl.

Finally, here's a pic of me doing what I like best at the beach - under a beach umbrella, feet in the sand, reading a book...or ogling other guys' daughters.


  1. Bless their hearts...

    They DO grow up!!!


  2. I had in mind an insightful comment about dads and daughters, and then... I saw your legs and
    *drool*. You do know how to finish with a flourish!

  3. Just recently came across your blog and I wanted to introduce myself....HI! I am Belle:):)

    I remember when I started growing up and started dating....My daddy wasn't too happy about it because I am daddy's little girl and all, but he let me and he was really great about it. Now I will say, he did put my two older brothers in charge to watch after me when he was not able to see what was going on, and boy did they! LOL!

    Oh and I LOVE the beach! Very jealous of that sand you have your feet in!! Enjoy:)


  4. Dude.... Sunscreen.

    I feel your pain a little about the daughters thing. My brother in law has a 17 year old, I guess that makes her my niece. She likes to flaunt it.

    I have two boys, so I doubt I will know what it's like to raise girls, but I think that would be one of the tougher things, seeing her grow up physically.

  5. This is such a beautiful post. All girls should have a Dad just like you.

    If I was on that beach, I have a sneaking suspicion I'd be ogling you ogling other men's daughters... ;-)

  6. I'm with Cheeky Minx - all girls should have a Dad like you. I have two long and lean teenage daughters and their Dad sighs when he sees what they wear, but tends to keep his thoughts to himself rather than tell them. It's a fine line though, wanting to protect your children and knowing that you have to let them go and make their own mistakes. Lovely post.

  7. Having both a son and a daughter, it shocked me to have such an increased sense of protectiveness over my daughter than I did my son. I never worried about him showing too much or giving the wrong impression. I struggle at least once a week with whether or not to make her change her clothes, or to allow her to leave the house with certain make up on. It's hard to see men - older than me - size my daughter up as she walks into a store. She's very proud of her body and has no shame in showcasing her attributes. I encourage her positivity, but on the other hand I'm also attempting to instill a sense of modesty. I tell ya, once the boobs happen...things are never the same. Kids are hard!!!

  8. Our daughter is 15 (looks 18) and going off to college in 2 weeks. Wolf wants to stencil "Jail Bait" on the back of all of her clothes. He's having a bit of trouble letting her go. So, what did he do? He's been teaching her self defense. If he can't be there to defend her, she can kick ass. So far, in their sparing, she has broken three of his fingers and bruised two ribs. I think she'll be okay.

    However, it is difficult to let them go.

  9. Mine is two and a half. There is much discussion amongst friends and family members that in fifteen years I will be that sort of father, the type who greets young men while polishing hunting knives, cleaning shotguns or other such activity.


  10. Very progressive! :)

    Love all these pics. Funny (first two) and sexy (last one *wink*).

  11. My daughter is 16 and is tentatively joining the dating scene. Luckily, through church and school, she hangs out with a great group of guys. I know them all and, except for one wanna-be playa, they are all nice boys and I trust them around my daughter. That being said, she and I talk a lot (thank goodness since she stopped talking to her mom months ago) about dating, sex, modesty (a big issue at church), and the life changing impact of having all of this too early (She watched a close friend go through a pregnancy at 14 and some very good youth leaders made good and appropriate "life lesson" connections)

    Anyway, she's as well equipped as we can make her, and, 'cause she's a runner, she can out distance any of the guys she knows, but she turned it on me and joked, "I can also chase down anyone I want."

    Now, the real problem is my niece. 15, smoking hot, snooty, rude, too rich for her own good, and clueless discipline free parents, so, I'm predicting, tattoos at 16, baby at 17.

    your kids will be find though.