Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Space Between

I remember hearing a quote somewhere that musically, the space between the notes is as important as the notes themselves. (Okay, that's easy enough to Google - the actual quote is "music is the space between the notes", by Claude Debussy.)

I agree with this, and I like the subtlety that it implies. Sure, the "wall of sound" has its place - but even for heavy music, leaving just enough space between the notes builds the tension...makes the listener wonder and anticipate what might be coming next. The skillful composer or musician can build and release that tension in unexpected and delightful ways.

Lovemaking seems like the same thing. The space between our kisses is as delicious as the kisses themselves. The space between my caresses...between the flicks of my tongue...the exaggerated pause between pulling out of you and the next thrust home.

That space between can be the smallest fraction of a second...or I can draw it out...make you wonder if (or even when) it's coming.

That anticipation can be every bit as good as the kiss..the caress...or the thrust itself. It makes the "mmmmm" and the "ahhhhh" that much better.


  1. Max!!! I LOVE the Little Feat up there!!! "Wating For Columbus" is one of the best live albums ever recorded!!!! It's right there with "Live From The Fillmore East" by the Allman Brothers!!!

    The space between the notes... the tension is as important if not MORE important than the notes actually being played!! I had never thought of that in the context in which you write, but it makes perfect sense!!!


  2. yes I love this comparison. It's funny though, I use this comparison for teaching art. It really is the space between things that is often more important than the contact.

    1. Yeah... positive space... negative space.


  3. Great point Max, and excellent analogy.

  4. Oh yes... Those spaces, those moments where we can't help but hold our breath, where we imagine, where we meet that wonder head on.

    Absolutely gorgeous piece, Max...

  5. This post made me catch my breath - such a simple, elegant concept! YES!

    It makes me want to invade your personal space.

  6. Ha that's a brilliant applied metaphor!