Friday, August 24, 2012

FFF: Long Flight

I had heard that some of the airlines had introduced new luxuries on their long overseas flights, but I wasn't prepared for just how bold they gotten with customer service. The meal they served was not only tolerable, it was good. A glass of red wine came with the meal, and when I complimented the flight attendant on it, she poured me a second glass.

But the biggest surprise by far came after the meal, when everyone was starting to prepare for sleep. The flight attendants came back down the aisle, and appeared to be taking orders from everyone. I couldn't imagine what this was - drink service and dinner service were long past.

The attractive brunette attendant finally got to me.

"Good evening, sir. Do you have any sexual requests for this evening? Handjobs are complimentary. Blowjobs are $10, and may be paid for with cash or credit card."

I looked her up and down. "I'll have a blowjob now, thank you. And then later, when everyone else is asleep, I want you to come back here so I can fuck you properly."

She met my gaze with a saucy smile. "Very good, sir."

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The challenge this week was: 195-199 words.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Woods Porn

This Lamebook post made me laugh out loud, and brought back a lot of memories. If you'd rather not follow the link, here is the Facebook post in question, with two replies (with a few grammar and spelling corrections.)
Anyone who was a kid in the 80's and 90's will remember the park porn fairy.... No? Come on, you must remember when you were 10 years old and you went to the park and you found half-torn-up porno mags in the bushes left for you by the park porn fairy. I think since the advancement of broadband, the fairy no longer exists.
  • "Woods porn". I always thought that one day I'd go buy some porn to leave in the woods for the next generation of kids to find, but I never got to complete the cycle. Little fuckers have it all at their fingertips now.
  • LOL. Finding park porn when you were a kid was more exciting than digging up a treasure chest full of gold. Nothing could beat it, until you tried to get it home by hiding it up your coat sleeves and walked in like an astronaut and your mom would find it and take it away from you.
This matches my own youthful experiences *exactly*. When I was a boy, there was a patch of woods near my house that was probably a mile square, and me and my buddies knew every inch of those woods. It was very much a Tom Sawyer childhood - roaming the woods, building tree forts, playing "capture the man"-type games.

As in the above posts, sometimes we would find a batch of porno mags - and when that happened, whatever activity we had been doing was instantly forgotten, and a mesmerized devouring of nude women began. It was absolutely more exciting than digging up a treasure chest full of gold

The magazines that we'd find were always one of three types: Playboy, which thought of itself as classy - with real articles and tasteful nude shots. You might get a glimpse of bush, but they were more artful than erotic. Of course this was better than nothing...but "artful" was not appreciated by 12-year-old boys.

Next there was Penthouse, which was my favorite by far. The nude shots were erotic without being trashy, and the Penthouse Forum letters were my first exposure to written erotica - something I *loved* from the first, and have never lost my love for.

At the bottom of the ladder (or the barrel) was Hustler. Even at the age when any porn was great porn, I knew this was trashy. There was no pretense at the erotic, it was women with their legs spread wide. Granted, this was endlessly interesting at that age...but I knew from my Penthouses that the air of erotic seduction was more interesting than "let's see how wide I can spread my legs."

A question none of us ever asked was whose porn we were finding, and how it got into the woods? Thinking about that now, my only guess is that we must have found some older kids' porn stash. All I can say is they weren't too careful with their porn, because we made many such findings over the years. And we never ran across any older kids angry about their missing magazines.

The thought of planting some porno mags in the woods for the next generation of horny young boys is a charming idea - passing on my youthful good fortune, and keeping the cycle going. But, for better or worse, I think the days of "woods porn" have gone the way of the horse-and-buggy.

Friday, August 17, 2012

e[lust] #39

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The Quarry - We agreed to meet up on the weekend and go out to the quarry. It was an old, flooded quarry. I didn’t know it, but the queers had taken it over.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Thoughts from the Beach

On the first morning of a recent family beach vacation, the Sensual Goddess sidled up to me and warned me that my youngest girl was nervous about me seeing her in her new bathing suit. I smiled and braced myself. My littlest girl is now in her mid-teens, and is long, lean, and shapely.

We got to the beach, and Youngest Daughter finally unveiled herself, and yes, I did a double-take when I saw her in her new string bikini. She looks like a swimsuit model, and I couldn't help but notice that she was turning the heads of not only teenage boys, but also of grown men.

Of course it gives me a twinge of emotion - how quickly the years pass, and how I miss the sweetness of having little girls, and the whole "holy smokes, is that really my daughter?!?" But I'm not too freaked out about it. Some guys seem to have a lot of trouble thinking of their daughters as sexual beings - the classic image of the dad cleaning his gun when the date arrives.

I want her to be careful, and I don't want her to get hurt (impossible, I know) - but I'm also not in denial that she is a sexual being. I hope she's comfortable with herself - she was clearly mortified a few years ago when body changes first started happening, but wearing her new bathing suit out in public is a clear sign that she's much more comfortable with her body.

I hope she'll be able to experience love and passion and sensual pleasure. Actually, I hope that for everyone - yes, even my littlest girl.

Finally, here's a pic of me doing what I like best at the beach - under a beach umbrella, feet in the sand, reading a book...or ogling other guys' daughters.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Blog Chain: "Kinky"

The August edition of Kat's blog chain is now posted. This month's topic is kinky sex, which is an interesting topic, as "kinky", like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Read through the posts, and see what this month's participants consider kinky. I've submitted one of my favorite memories to the chain.

If you haven't joined in yet, why not join next month's edition? The subject will be "back to school" - the one that got away/old flame. Who doesn't have tales to tell on that subject?

Full blog chain details are here.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Space Between

I remember hearing a quote somewhere that musically, the space between the notes is as important as the notes themselves. (Okay, that's easy enough to Google - the actual quote is "music is the space between the notes", by Claude Debussy.)

I agree with this, and I like the subtlety that it implies. Sure, the "wall of sound" has its place - but even for heavy music, leaving just enough space between the notes builds the tension...makes the listener wonder and anticipate what might be coming next. The skillful composer or musician can build and release that tension in unexpected and delightful ways.

Lovemaking seems like the same thing. The space between our kisses is as delicious as the kisses themselves. The space between my caresses...between the flicks of my tongue...the exaggerated pause between pulling out of you and the next thrust home.

That space between can be the smallest fraction of a second...or I can draw it out...make you wonder if (or even when) it's coming.

That anticipation can be every bit as good as the kiss..the caress...or the thrust itself. It makes the "mmmmm" and the "ahhhhh" that much better.