Sunday, July 1, 2012

At the Campsite

I sat at the campsite, idly strumming my guitar. I had done one hike while the rest of the guys had done another, and they weren't back yet. That was fine with me, it was a beautiful afternoon...perfect for sitting in the shade and working on some songs.

My reverie was broken by a "hi", and I was startled, as I thought I was all alone in the world. A woman I recognized from a few campsites down smiled and said she could hear me playing. I apologized and said I hoped I hadn't disturbed anyone. She said I hadn't disturbed her...that she heard music as she was walking past and wondered where it was coming from.

She asked if I would keep playing, and I did...though self-consciously at first, as it wasn't my intention to play for anyone. She recognized the song, and started singing along in a soft, pleasant voice. This was an unexpected treat - we were making music, and it sounded great.

The song ended, and we exchanged a smile. I asked if she wanted to sit and motioned to the bench next to me. She sat down, and I started another song. She joined in again, and we were both grinning at how fun it was.

I brought the song to its finish, and we beamed. She expressed self-consciousness abut her singing voice, and I assured her it was fine. Our gaze lingered...then she reached over and touched my face, then brought her lips to my cheek, whispering "thank you" in my ear. Her lips lingered at my cheek, and I was keenly aware of the scent of her hair and the heat of her body. I turned my head, moving my lips to hers...wondering if she'd pull away.

She didn't. She pressed into me and we kissed...softly and sweetly. I broke the kiss to put my guitar down, then wrapped her in my arms for another soft, sweet kiss.  Her hands moved under my t-shirt, and her touch was electric. I ran a hand under her t-shirt and up her spine and was surprised to find no bra.

I slid my hand around to the front, and she turned slightly to give me access to her breast. I cupped it and squeezed, and she moaned into my mouth. I pinched her nipple and she reacted like an electric current had gone through her. She kissed me frantically, and I continued pinching, squeezing, and twisting her hard nipples.

I had just wondered whether she could climax from nipple play alone, when she broke the kiss and started a shuddering orgasm. Her back arched, her face contorted, and every muscle in her body clenched. She tried to keep silent, but couldn't suppress some soft whimpers.

As her climax subsided, my touch became gentle again...and I finally released her breasts. She hugged me, and I could feel her deep ragged breathing. She kissed my neck and I stroked the soft skin of her back.

We both became aware of voices from other campsites, and she pulled away and gave me a pained look, telling me she was sorry, but she had to go. I smiled and told her I understood - and I did. I stood up, helped her to her feet, and gave her a quick tight hug.

She skipped away, turning once to give me a smile and blow me a kiss. I smiled and blew a kiss back. Then I sat back down and picked up my guitar.

Postscript: the guys got back to camp soon afterwards. I saw her walk past our camp that evening, but neither of us was alone. The next morning her campsite was empty.


  1. Oh my! I do adore vacation stories.

  2. Yow. I need to start camping again. ;-)

  3. Very hot! Jill and I once had sex by a campfire while her family - parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins - all slept in tents and cabins in the general area. It was quite exhilarating. In fact, that may have been the first time we had sex outdoors.

  4. So what you're telling us is your fingers play a variety of delicious tunes? ;-)

  5. Nothing quite like making lovely music together, is there?

    xx Dee