Friday, July 27, 2012

FFF: Two-Fisted

I sat in the witness stand and squirmed. The prosecutor was waiting for me to answer, and it felt like he had a two-fisted grip on my throat.

"I'll ask you one more time. Is there anyone who can corroborate your alibi that you were home on the night of July 16th, and not at the scene of the crime?"

I could feel the beads of sweat on my forehead. Yeah, I did know more about the "incident" on the night of the 16th than I was admitting. But I wasn't there when it happened. And there was someone who could verify that. But there was just a little problem....

I had spent most of that night balls-deep inside Three Finger Vinnie's wife. What an insatiable little slut. Even now, my cock twitched at the memory of how I made her squeal. And there she was, sitting at the defense table, with her mobster husband right behind her.

As if reading my mind, she slowly uncrossed and re-crossed her legs, letting her dress ride up over her garters. God damn....

"One last time, is there anyone?"

I paused. If I admitted where I really was, my life was null and void.

"No sir."

"No further questions."

The judge called for the defense attorney. "Your witness."

She smiled and rose. I hoped she had something good up her sleeve.

The challenge this week was: 255 or fewer words.
The phrase "...two-fisted..." must be used.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

e[lust] #38

Photo courtesy of Lucy and Alex of A Couple of Wankers

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~ Top 3 ~

Wrong On Every Level - "If you wouldn’t ask them to borrow $20 bucks, how the fuck is it ok for you to ask them to fuck you? Oh right, it’s not."

Good Girl - "She nearly melted into me. When I finally released her, she exhaled–she had been holding her breath."

The Three Minute Game - "The timer went off and I breathed out, both a sigh of relief and disappointment that it was over."

~ Featured Post (Picked by Lilly) ~

Bitch- "I don’t let her run the show…but she’s always around. She’s in the background saying: Bullshit"

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

On Love

I read a post on Sadie's blog this week titled "Love Forever", about a conversation she had with her daughter about love, and specifically whether it's possible to promise someone you'll love them for the rest of your life. Please read the post, as I'm not going to summarize the whole thing. The question they discuss is this:
Do you believe one can sincerely, authentically commit, in real-world application, not metaphor, to loving someone else for the rest of their lives? Is futuristic love predictable? Or is the phrase “I will love you forever,” simply a symbolic statement we use to convey the emotional weight that we feel presently?
Here are my thoughts on this.

Yes, it's absolutely possible to promise to love someone forever - but I think of that as love in the highest possible sense - where I recognize our souls as connected (as all souls are), and I wish all the best for you, needing nothing from you.

It's absolutely *not* possible to promise to love someone forever in the traditional romantic sense - "I will always love and desire you and only you." People change, emotions and feelings change. It's no more possible to promise that you will always love one person in that sense than it is possible to promise that next Tuesday will be sunny and warm. Or that three years from Tuesday it will be sunny and warm.

More than ten years ago, I decided to end a marriage that clearly wasn't working for anyone involved. I finally came to clarity on the hardest decision I hope to ever make when I realized that I could release her and still love her. And that's what I tried to do, and I'm convinced it worked, and that everyone involved is better off for that marriage ending.

Did I stop loving her? By most conventional measures, yes. I was very clear that I didn't want to be married to her, and I've never second-guessed myself on that. But I would answer that in the highest sense, I never stopped loving her, and never will. I don't want to live with her, and desire that our lives overlap as little as possible. But I respect our time together, and I very honestly hope for her happiness.

In the end, I agree with Sadie. My experience is that love *is* different. Love is infinite.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blog Chain: "Outdoors"

Kat and Ryan Beaumont recently announced a sex blog chain, and the July edition is now out. The topic is Outdoor or Summer Sex. I just posted about an outdoor adventure (or was it a fantasy?) from my recent hiking/camping trip, which I'm happy to submit to the blog chain.

The complete July edition is posted here, so go enjoy.

If you're a blogger, join in the fun - the topic for August is "kinky sex".

Sunday, July 1, 2012

At the Campsite

I sat at the campsite, idly strumming my guitar. I had done one hike while the rest of the guys had done another, and they weren't back yet. That was fine with me, it was a beautiful afternoon...perfect for sitting in the shade and working on some songs.

My reverie was broken by a "hi", and I was startled, as I thought I was all alone in the world. A woman I recognized from a few campsites down smiled and said she could hear me playing. I apologized and said I hoped I hadn't disturbed anyone. She said I hadn't disturbed her...that she heard music as she was walking past and wondered where it was coming from.

She asked if I would keep playing, and I did...though self-consciously at first, as it wasn't my intention to play for anyone. She recognized the song, and started singing along in a soft, pleasant voice. This was an unexpected treat - we were making music, and it sounded great.

The song ended, and we exchanged a smile. I asked if she wanted to sit and motioned to the bench next to me. She sat down, and I started another song. She joined in again, and we were both grinning at how fun it was.

I brought the song to its finish, and we beamed. She expressed self-consciousness abut her singing voice, and I assured her it was fine. Our gaze lingered...then she reached over and touched my face, then brought her lips to my cheek, whispering "thank you" in my ear. Her lips lingered at my cheek, and I was keenly aware of the scent of her hair and the heat of her body. I turned my head, moving my lips to hers...wondering if she'd pull away.

She didn't. She pressed into me and we kissed...softly and sweetly. I broke the kiss to put my guitar down, then wrapped her in my arms for another soft, sweet kiss.  Her hands moved under my t-shirt, and her touch was electric. I ran a hand under her t-shirt and up her spine and was surprised to find no bra.

I slid my hand around to the front, and she turned slightly to give me access to her breast. I cupped it and squeezed, and she moaned into my mouth. I pinched her nipple and she reacted like an electric current had gone through her. She kissed me frantically, and I continued pinching, squeezing, and twisting her hard nipples.

I had just wondered whether she could climax from nipple play alone, when she broke the kiss and started a shuddering orgasm. Her back arched, her face contorted, and every muscle in her body clenched. She tried to keep silent, but couldn't suppress some soft whimpers.

As her climax subsided, my touch became gentle again...and I finally released her breasts. She hugged me, and I could feel her deep ragged breathing. She kissed my neck and I stroked the soft skin of her back.

We both became aware of voices from other campsites, and she pulled away and gave me a pained look, telling me she was sorry, but she had to go. I smiled and told her I understood - and I did. I stood up, helped her to her feet, and gave her a quick tight hug.

She skipped away, turning once to give me a smile and blow me a kiss. I smiled and blew a kiss back. Then I sat back down and picked up my guitar.

Postscript: the guys got back to camp soon afterwards. I saw her walk past our camp that evening, but neither of us was alone. The next morning her campsite was empty.