Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wood Nymphs

I'm leaving soon on an extended weekend of hiking and camping with a small group of old and dear friends. This has become an annual event, and one we look very forward to. We've seen some amazing places, and also enjoyed the camaraderie that I think you can only have with people you've grown up with.

There is one thing missing from these trips....
"What are you going to do"
Laughter.... "*That* kind of fun? There's none to be had with a group of guys in the woods."
"How about wood nymphs? Maybe you'll find a wood nymph."
More laughter. "Wood nymph, huh?"
"And if you do find one, give it to her good."
One can hope. :-)


  1. A wood nymph...

    Is that kinda like a wood nympho?

    I wonder if one would get splinters??

    have fun!


  2. I can admit to being sufficiently juvenile to hear the term "wood nymph" and think "nympho". I'm such a child.


  3. I hope they are "morning wood" nymphs! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I've got my wood nymph outfit, now in which forest shall I appear?


  5. I hope you'll be reporting the tales of your nymphs and wood soon... ;-)