Friday, May 18, 2012

FFF: Rough and Scratchy

(Image source: "On the Stairs" by Samantha Wolov)

I laughed defiantly. "I've been called worse, bitch."

Sparks practically flashed as we glared at each other. But as crazy as we drove each other, the physical chemistry never let up.

My glare turned into an evil grin.

"Don't even think about it."

My grin widened, and I took a step toward you.

"Damn you." But your glare softened ever so slightly. "At least take me upstairs to the bedroom this time."

Thirty seconds later I had you on the stairs, the carpet rough and scratchy under you. I think you were trying to call me a bastard one last time, but I pushed my tongue down your throat as I continued tearing your clothes off.

The challenge this week was: 68-122 words.
The phrase "...rough and scratchy..." must be used.
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  1. Great story! We especially enjoyed the tone of the piece, and how the narrator was addressing the reader. Very evocative.

  2. Marvelous take! I adore it when you get that evil grin... makes me wish there were stairs at my place!

  3. You're a bad, bad man. Please, don't ever change... ;-)

  4. Ooooh! Dares... Well played.

  5. LOL! The bastard, indeed. :D