Wednesday, March 21, 2012


When I saw Bella's post earlier this week ("I got nuthin"), I smiled and nodded my head in agreement. I feel the same way - like the tank is empty. I'm just out of ideas...out of inspiration.

I differ from Bella in that I'm not even considering deleting this blog. I have way too much pride in what I've written here to do that (and if that's a sin, so be it.) I'm not going away. I think I'll have inspiration again at some point, and I want this outlet to be here.

But I'm also not sure what to write about now. I used to write detailed multi-part fantasies, which was a lot of fun...but it was also time-consuming and hard work, and I lack both the inspiration and the energy for that now. Even Flash Fiction Friday, which I've dearly loved, isn't giving me the spark it used to. Last week's picture was one I'd ordinarily gobble right up, but I let it pass untouched.

This post isn't a cry for help, a plea for pity, or a goodbye. It's simply a statement that the tank is empty at this moment in time. I will write when I have something I want to write. But I'm not going to force it, and am not going to post just because I haven't posted in x days.

I ask myself if something's fundamentally changed...and I don't think anything has. Yes, life is busy, but not any busier than it used to be. The Sensual Goddess still fully supports my blogging. I'm still both a mystic and a sensual beast, and I'm still growing and making discoveries about myself. The journey continues, the views are always interesting, and the companions to share those views are delightful.

Life is good. I'll still be here, and I'll write when I have something to say.


  1. Sometimes I get a kick start out of writing something about my past (e.g. past love). Since it's from memory it writes itself but it gets me energized.

  2. This is exactly how I feel... I've read this same message at many of the blogs that I follow. For me, I'm inundated with work... Spring semesters are always difficult... more difficult than Fall semesters. I think that is because if we don't finish our work in the Fall, we can carry forward to the Spring. However, we have to be finished by the end of the Spring semester.

    I feel "down"... not depressed... just down...

    I'm overwhelmed by Life... things that are going on with my personal Life, things with my professional Life, things with my children... Life, as I have known it for so long has the potential to change drastically here soon... very soon...

    And on top of that, I've lost my Muse...


    It will all return...


  3. Hmm... Well, I'm glad you're still around with no immediate plans to disappear. I like Ryan's idea, above.

  4. I can definitely relate and often feel the same way. I find that waning of inspiration a little heartbreaking. But for me, when the words often stick in my throat, literally and metaphorically, I find true solace in my body and the Muse in the camera.

    Perhaps you should give the camera a try. It's been an age since you've shown us your legs, Max... ;-)

  5. We completely understand your feelings. We've felt it too. You have been missed over the last couple weeks, and we are glad to hear that you'll be back when the inspiration hits.

  6. Sounds like a plan. Don't force it. Writing here should be enjoyable, not a grind or forced. Take time, recharge...I look forward to your return.


  7. Yes! Same for me. I feel as if I've been "emptied". The EXACT word I have used on twitter and in other references. Not like I'm depressed...but there's just no need. Nothing that I think has to be done and said. I did however, the last couple of days try to post.

    But this feeling is more like, I'm content with just "being"...and no longer need to be "doing". I think it's a good thing. I feel less compelled to run around trying to accomplish things. :)

    I'm sure we'll all come out with a new life and awareness when it's all completed. :)