Saturday, March 10, 2012


I have many blessings, and right up at the top of the list is having daughters. When my first baby girl was born, it put me in something of a panic. What did I know about girls? There must be some mistake. But there was no mistake, and the universe - to hammer home the point that it *wasn't* a mistake - blessed me with more daughters.

But I quickly learned something that I was completely unaware of, which is that a girl's love for her father can be a very sweet and special thing. My ex-wife, even after our breakup, would say with a laugh, "These girls think their daddy hung the moon."

This past week, I was talking with a friend who wanted to complain and commiserate about teenage daughters - how much they've changed for the worse since becoming teens. I listened to him and sympathized, but I don't share his feelings at all. Yes, they're growing and changing and figuring out who they are - and that's not always an easy process. Yes, they have their own private lives, and there are things that they'd rather die a thousand deaths than discuss with me. But it's still a special and very sweet relationship, and deep down inside, part of them will always be my little girl.

I now look back at my initial panic and smile at how little I knew.

All of which is a long-winded introduction for my "dash of happy" song of the week - John Mayer's "Daughters."

Happy Saturday!


  1. Your thoughts on being blessed with a girl are a lot like mine. I was initially nervous, though perhaps not quite panicked, when I considered what being the father of a little girl would ultimately mean.

    Our daughter is not quite two years old, so while the challenges are many, they're different than the challenges we expect when she's a teenager or even a pre-teen. Then again, she's at times fiercely independent, occasionally defiant, and tremendously stubborn. So perhaps there's not that much difference.

    Beautiful accompanying picture! I believe I used that same one on a recent post.


  2. You're absolutely right - they always will be daddy's little girl. I know I still am for mine.

    A truly beautiful post, Max...

  3. Wonderful post! Wonderful 'dash of happy'.

  4. I think I mentioned once on my blog that women should look for men who have daughters. Nothing will make a man love and respect women like having daughters.