Monday, March 5, 2012

The Beast

You sometimes seem surprised when the beast comes out to play - as if it's a random and unpredictable occurrence - and your surprise makes me smile.

When the beast does make his appearance, we both know it instantly. It doesn't have to be something as obvious as switching gears between soft lovemaking and animalistic fucking. Usually it's way more subtle - just a slight shift in intensity - but there's no possible mistaking it.

We both know that when the beast joins in things are not ordinary any more - that it's going to be special and *intense* - that I'm not going to be satisfied with just giving you an orgasm or two. You know that you're going to be gasping for breath, and that when we finally collapse in each others' arms, there's going to be a feeling of "wow."

Just don't act surprised at the beast. You should know by now that he doesn't decide to come out on his own. No, the beast doesn't come out unless summoned.


  1. I never thought you could be that sexy in blue. ;)

    But damn, do I like a beast and its intensity!

  2. So... Umm... how does one summon the beast?