Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday Miscellaneous

A few random items on a cold bright winter morning:

* I did a double-take on seeing the title of this article: Man Bribes Wife for French Kisses. That's right, the husband proposes a trade - he'll clean up more around the house, if she'll spontaneously French-kiss him once a day. Really?!? The poor guy. That's a deal-breaker in my book. If she won't kiss you, why are you together?

A wealthy Florida man has adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend as a daughter. This headline makes me laugh out loud, as it's a joke I sometimes make to the Sensual Goddess - that we should adopt a girl...and I'll pick her out. The facts of this story are less funny - the guy is trying to shield his money in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Finally, as I look out the window and see snow on the ground, my mind can't help wandering a little.


  1. People are weird. If my guy would try to bribe me like that, he'd better have a good padding on his ass for when he lands on it. :)

  2. If feel rather sorry for the man who feels the need to bribe his wife. And I'm with you, Max. Why would you stay together if you don't even want to kiss? Some people are really undeserving.

    I wonder if he'd like to trade her in for a certain Antipodean Minx who loves to kiss... ;)