Monday, February 20, 2012

Friday Challenge for 2/24

"Woman with Guitar" by Peter Carter
PB has announced that he'll be unable to host FFF for at least this week, and invited others to keep it going in his absence. Since I enjoy the Friday challenges, I thought I'd post a pic for myself and anyone who's interested in playing along.

The challenge this Friday is to use the above pic to write a story of either 50-55 words or 200-210 words (in other words, a choice between a short piece and a long one.) There's no required phrase. I won't be checking word counts, or collecting a list of participants, but you're welcome to leave a comment here if you're playing.

Please re-post or spread the word to anyone who might be interested in playing.

Addendum: Ram the Sunlover has also posted a FFF challenge. I didn't realize that when I posted this. But I'll leave this up, and people can write to whichever image moves them. Or hey, why not do both? It's an embarrassment of flash fiction riches. :-)


  1. What's the punishment if we don't respect word count? ;)

  2. I'll play along at

  3. Ram the Sunlover ( also has a prompt up this week. I'll try to do both; between your prompt, his, and Wanton Wednesday, it should be quite a busy week for me.