Friday, February 24, 2012

FFF: Sweet Sounds

"Woman with Guitar" by Peter Carter
Take 1 ("On Tour")
Last night's concert had been the best so far on the tour. The audience not only responded to the old hits, but also to the new songs.

The backstage party had also been the best yet. The people from the label were there, and they put out a decadent spread of food and drink. How you got backstage, I never found out. But once we met, we never left each other's side - and after I had greeted everyone I needed to, we couldn't get up to my suite quickly enough.

We made love until we passed out in each others arms. When we awoke, the sun was shining brightly. We kissed and snuggled, then made love once more – slowly and sweetly. Finally, sated for the moment, you asked me if I'd play for you. Nothing could have made me happier, and I strummed parts of my songs as you watched me and hummed along.

You said you had to make a phone call, so I hopped into the shower. When I came out, you were on the couch – strumming my guitar – and wearing my hat. I smiled and watched you for a minute, then you looked over at me. Yeah, I was ready for another encore.

Take 2 ("Sweet Sounds")
She's my girl, and there could never be another like her. I could never get tired of looking at her soft curves, or hearing her sweet voice. I glance at others, but they don't tempt me. Nothing else could feel so right, or respond to my touch the way she does.

The challenge was to use the above pic to write a story of either 50-55 words or 200-210 words. There's no required phrase. I'm away for a few days and won't be able to collect a list of participants, but you're welcome to leave a comment here if you're playing.

PB will also be unable to host FFF next week, and I hope someone will guest host and post a pic on Monday.

Also check out Ram the Sunlover's challenge.


  1. Excellent examples of stories adhering to both word ranges. Both are sexy and sweet, though my personal preference is for Take 1, as I like the greater detail the larger size affords. Plus, my initial idea for this FFF was a musician-and-groupie tryst. Ultimately I ended up doing something a bit more tongue-in-cheek and meta.

    My story will be up at in about half an hour (midnight Pacific time) with my story based on Ram the Sunlover's prompt posted shortly thereafter.

  2. Loved your first take. Your second prose seemed like a nice little dessert to finish off the meal. :) Both are great. Wish I could write like you.

    My stories for both prompts are up at

    Happy FFF!


  3. The romantic in me loves take #2... Beautiful writing, as always. :)

    My FFF is here

  4. You are indeed a romantic at heart. That's the sweetest groupie story I've ever read, nice take.

    I'll put up another challenge Monday if Panser is not back online.

  5. Very nicely handled, and it made me realize that I totally forgot the "guidelines" for word counts. Great job and thanks for hosting.

  6. Two lovely takes.

  7. I enjoyed both takes. Very lovely and sweet. :-)

    I played along this week, too.

  8. I liked both stories, but the first is my favorite. Thank you for hosting!