Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Disappearing Blogs

I can't help but notice with some concern that a number of blogs have disappeared without a trace in the past couple of weeks. The famed Riff Dog is gone. Holly and Adam are both gone, and right when they were making big life changes to be together. And now I see that "Anatomies of a Marriage" is gone.

I know it's a fact of life that blogs come and go, but I hate to see such well-established bloggers just go *poof*. For those who blog about their extracurricular activities, my first thought on seeing them disappear is, "Ouch, they got caught." That seems like the most likely explanation, but unless they come back and tell us, we'll never know.

I find that sad. Even though we stay pretty well anonymous behind our blog personas, I like and feel like I know (in some small way) the bloggers I follow.

Thinking about this last night, the image of a horror movie came to me. A few people in a dark cabin lit by one small lamp. Someone walks in and says grimly, "Riff's gone. Holly and Adam too." We look at each other, fearful, not knowing what happened...or who's next.

I miss those who are gone, but I am grateful for those of us still here - the survivors. :-)


  1. Max,
    If they were Blogger bloggers, it is highly likely they got zapped by Google, as happened to me. My Blogger blog "What is a Man?" was one day simply zapped/gone/disabled with no warning whatsoever. 250 posts, and 750 images stored on Picasa - gone, baby, gone.

    The zapping nails your entire Google account, including gmail account/address, Picasa image account, Google Sites or Code accounts - every single thing you had attached to that Google gmail account.

    I appealed to the borg with no response whatsoever, so I still have no idea why.
    Had to start over.

    I'd get the hell off Blogger if I were an adult/erotic/NSFW blogger, before the axe falls.

  2. I've noticed as well. My blogroll has taken some hits. The neighborhood is feeling sparse these days.

  3. And since your blog is gone, you have no way to let your followers/members/friends/readers/carnal cohorts know where you've gone to. It's much better to make a preemptive move and then you can put up a signpost last post on the abandoned Blogger blog pointing to the new frontier.

  4. It seems like the nerdy girl is always the one who survives the horror film. I guess I am hoping I am a nerdy girl so my blog will survive the onslaught! :)

    It's good to remember them fondly though!

  5. @Ram: I'm sure that's possible, and it's a good warning. But if this blog and e-mail were taken away from me tonight, I could set up a new blog and e-mail with another provider tomorrow and let people know I was alive and well with a new address.

    @Ryan: Sorry to break it to you, but isn't the survivor the one who says no to sex? You're doomed, just like the rest of's just a question of how you're going to get it. :-)

  6. My original blog 'Diary of a Late Starter' got zapped by Google for no reason. I tried the appeal process but it was a waste of time. Fortunately my close followers were also my email friends too, so I was able to let them know.

    I'm so glad it's not happened to my current one. We put so much work into our blogs and it's such a shame when something happens that is out of our control.

    If and when I decide to close the blog I'll make an announcement on there. I have no plans to do that in the forseeable, and for now I shall continue to enjoy all the blogs I follow, and hope you enjoy mine too.

    To be honest, I can't imagine life without my blog now.

  7. Scary stuff... If their blogs were zapped, I suppose there's not much to do when using a free service/host. We can only wish them well!

  8. I identify with your feelings. It's always sad, even in the cases where someone stops willingly with an explanation, but those that disappear without an explanation leave us wondering. In my feed reader I also have blogs that haven't been updated in a few years, without an explanation, and I keep them in my list in hope that one day I will find the new digs of their author.

  9. I am a ghost of bloggers past. I committed blogger suicide, probably a bit prematurely due to a traumatic situation at home having nothing to do with blogging. In some ways it was good to make the break (I was feeling a little bit addicted), but I do miss it. So, it's nice to come back for a visit now and then.

  10. Shame, I already miss Riff and his stories!

    To those who got zapped - were you ever given a reason? I've always had the content warning at first landing page, but I've noticed a few other blogs that have a content warning, but the text below it seems to indicate that the blog has been reported for explicit content.

    That said, I've been considering a move. Google knows far too much about me - on the internet and in real life.

  11. In Riff's case, he posted something to his forum for one night that gave a heads up that his site was coming down before the end of the day. It seems he did it on purpose, although he couldn't go into why.

    I do wonder what's going on. There's been a handful of sex bloggers in just the last few weeks who have disappeared without warning.

    The Holly you folks spoke of earlier - was it the same Holly of the "Holly in Wonderland" blog that recently disappeared?

    1. Yeah, both Riffdog's blog and his separately hosted forum both disappeared (the latter deleted as I was sent archived versions of my threads as an automatic courtesy by the forum software)... As someone who's been caught (and thankfully got off relatively Scott free), he did exactly what I would've done in self-preservation mode: nuke everything. I just wish we knew the results, but I mostly hope that he, as a person, is okay. We traded social emails with real names a few times and almost met up for a beer. If you do find this, Riffdog (in the same way I did via Google), I just wanted to say I'm thinking about you (as a fellow dog) and wish you the best with whatever you're up to.