Tuesday, February 7, 2012


As much as I love our lovemaking, afterglowing with you is every bit as sweet. I love collapsing on top of you, feeling your warm body underneath mine, a sheen of sweat between us. I'm still inside you, and your arms and legs wrap around me to hold me there...holding us locked together. As if there's any place I'd rather be.

A minute ago I was roaring like a bull, electric and intense, but now I can hardly move. I'm savoring the skin-on-skin contact...chest on chest, belly on belly, legs intertwined. I'm taking deep gasping breaths as my head falls to the pillow, my lips at your ear. When I can breathe again, I have to whisper in your ear...tell you how amazing you are, how good you make me feel, how magic we are together. I can't see your smile in return, but I can feel it, and it melts me.

I don't want to leave you...and I'm not leaving yet. I'm slowly deflating, but I'm still hard, and I can still feel you giving me delicious little squeezes. I rock my hips ever-so-slightly, and we both feel me slide partway out...then I push slowly back into you. You reward me with a sensual little moan, and we both smile.

I finally roll off of you and onto my back, bringing you into my wing and holding you tightly to me as you wrap one arm and one leg over me. I can't get enough of touching you, and I need to feel every inch of your soft skin that I can reach. My fingertips slowly trace up and down your back...up and down your arms...running my fingers through your hair...then gently touching your face.

We kiss softly, and we both know how sweet this is...and we know we're going to need more, very soon.


  1. Mmm! The afterglow is very sweet, indeed.

  2. I love these moments as well, my wife is too quick to jump out of bed and clean up, unlock the door, and check on the kids. that is why I love vacation and mid-day sex. No schedule, no pressure, and we have plenty of time to wash the sheets.

    A lovely post.

  3. That's the kind of magic we all dream of. So well written and erotic.