Friday, January 13, 2012

FFF: Cracked and Failing

I thought it was my lucky night. I was throwing back tequilas with a leggy brunette, and I quickly agreed when she suggested going back to her place. We stumbled through the door into the darkness and she kissed me hard, then moved away to find the light. I heard the click of a lamp, and I sobered up instantly - the place looked like a crack den. She started undressing sensually, oblivious to what had to be a look of horror on my face.

I resolved to just get out of there...but my feet wouldn't move as she started to reveal her lean body. I looked at the cigarette butts on the floor and told myself to run...but my better judgment was cracked and failing, and when she faced me naked except for high heels, I thought maybe I'd stay for just a little while.

She moved in for another kiss, then whispered in my ear, "Watch what I can do with the mirror."

Yeah, I was staying.

The challenge this week was: 85-188 words.
The phrase "...cracked and failing..." must be used.
Go see Panser's Lair to see who else is participating!


  1. We like your take on the prompt, especially the way you incorporate the required phrase. Resemblance to a crack den notwithstanding, I doubt I would have left.


  2. Max, you've done it again. Your spare words never fail to capture the mood...loved it, likely my favorite post of the week!


  3. This is fabulous. You're amazing at spinning such detailed vignettes with so few words. Nice job. :)

  4. As always, your stories are fantastic! Nice piece. Happy FFF!

  5. Oh my. I think this is my favorite this time. I agree with Max and Nilla. You captured a mood and feeling of horror, lust and that drunken mindset. Wow.