Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Perfect Day

One recent Saturday afternoon, I had the good fortune to be driving in the car with not one, but two lovely young ladies. It was a perfect fall day - sunny, bright, and a little cool. That's my favorite kind of weather, and the day and the company had me in a great mood. We had the iPod coming through the car stereo as I drove, and Coldplay's "Strawberry Swing" came on.

That's a song we all like, and the conversation paused so we could listen. There's a repeating lyric, "It's such a perfect day", and one of the young ladies noted that it really was a perfect day. I couldn't have agreed more. So that makes it appropriate for this Saturday's "dash of happy".

Happy Saturday!


  1. Recently I was sitting in traffic with a blinding migraine and Lou Reed's unrelated song "Perfect Day" (featured in Trainspotting) came on. Though somber in tone, it sounds like a romantic song, but in actuality it's about Reed's heroin addiction. Glad your perfect day was better than my own!


  2. I love when music & lyrics magically matches the tone of your surroundings. :)