Monday, December 5, 2011

Guiltiest Pleasure

I posted a while ago that I would much rather see nude pics of regular people than porn stars or nude models. There's an element of voyeurism that I really like in seeing the amateur - the feeling that I'm seeing something that's usually secret or hidden.

I recently stumbled on what seems like the ultimate website in "regular person" voyeurism. The site features pictures of dressed women, and you guess the state of their pussy, then click to see a second undressed picture, and find out if you were right. This is *irresistably* appealing to my curiosity and my love of seeing the secret.

But the site is my guiltiest pleasure (and maybe my only guilty pleasure - I don't see any need to feel guilty over most of my pleasures. :-)) I certainly love looking at the pics and seeing the clickthroughs, but the "dressed" pics show faces, and I can't get over the nagging feeling that a lot of these pics were *not* posted by the women themselves.

I think there's a special circle of hell reserved for anyone who would betray the trust of someone who gave them (or allowed them to take) a naked picture - and then would turn around and post it on the Internet. I hope I'm wrong about the pics on this site, but I don't think I am. That keeps me from enjoying the site - and keeps me from visiting it at all very often. But *wow* does the idea ever appeal to me.

Edit: the first version of this post had the name of the site and a link to it. But since the main point of this post is my discomfort with the site, I decided I'd rather not link to it. For those dying of curiosity, I'm sure it's easily found. :-)


  1. Oh go ahead and enjoy the blog. ;-)

  2. Once, I had a lot of traffic going from this site to my old blog. I searched for hours for one of my pics and link there (even though I never had anyone take pics of me up close and personal), trying to explain what was happening in terms of traffic. While I was browsing, I also thought the same thing, that it was a violation of trust to post there without someone's knowledge. I see no appeal to that site, at all.

  3. We read this post when the name of the site in question was included. Without giving anything away, we used to visit that site frequently for the exact reason you mentioned. Yes, we suspect that some - if not most - of the pictures were submitted without the consent of the individuals pictured, and it proved a difficult suspicion for us to look past. We don't visit much anymore despite the enormous erotic thrill we get from seeing "regular people" nude or partially nude; we get a much bigger thrill from sites like I Feel Myself, which features nothing if not regular people, all of whom are aware of how their self-exploration videos will be used.

  4. I dont look at nude pictures of men or women!
    I read Erotica and I have enough of a visual imagination to know what is going on!! If I had sent someone a picture of me & it wound up on an Erotic site , Id be so very ticked off!

  5. I'm cross-posting my comment from my response to your comment on my blog about the same page:

    Honestly, I never even looked at it like that. Like most other no-fee adult themed web pages (Blogs, Tumblr, Wordpress), I suspect that 90 percent (I have no way of knowing for sure) of the images are reposted from somewhere else.

    In the same way that a husband who convinced his wife to take some Polaroid photos in the nude would no doubt show them to a few friends without her knowledge, the ability for people to send digital images to someone else is the new norm. And in the case where the wife or girlfriend was in on the sharing of the photo to a web page, nothing really stops that photo from being proliferated over the Internet by every visitor to that page.

    I've noticed that most Tumblr pages have a notice pointing out that the images have been collected from the Internet, and that if the real owner advises them, they will immediately remove the image.

    But the main point in your post does stand - are the women in these pictures aware of or have they given permission for us t admire their faces and body parts, and I think in most cases, the answer is no.

    I genuinely feel for a woman whose neighbor comes over and says, Hey, I found a picture of your hairy bush on the Internet. But I can say with all honesty, I admire the pictures and move along (other than the fact that I re-posted the one in this post). I don't share pictures friends send me and I never leave ugly comments about the pictures I do see.

    In this world of stolen photos of beautiful people at the click of a mouse, I don't feel guilty about it, even if I do recognize the ethical dilemma.