Friday, December 9, 2011

FFF: Burned Coffee

(Image source: "Sunny Sunday Morning" by T.C. Reiner)
The weekend visit to see your grandmother was going well. When I heard her leave for church on Sunday morning, I woke you up and made love to you on the big featherbed. Then we went downstairs and made breakfast.

I watched you leaning against the ancient stove, sipping burned coffee from the old percolator, and I got an idea. You saw the gleam in my eye, and laughed, "No, absolutely not."

I bent you over the stove and flipped the robe up onto the small of your back.

"Not here in the kitchen. Grandma will be home from church soon."

My fist wrapped in your hair as I thrust into your pussy...pausing balls deep inside you.

"What are you waiting for? Fuck me, goddammit."

Good girl...I thought you'd never ask.

The challenge this week was: 60-160 words.
The phrase "...burned coffee..." must be used.
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  1. LOL! Yes, good girl. Smart girl. ;-)

  2. Always better to finish what you've started, even if the clock is ticking. ;) Happy Friday!

  3. You know there is always something so devient about having sex in the parents home! And it just makes the sex so much more enjoyable!

  4. Excellent job! Your story is very vivid and intense despite its short length. It reminds me of a particular incident from my early twenties. And your use of second person makes your writing really stand out.


  5. Quiet Sunday morning are the best, aren't they? And I'm sure Grandma's security camera caught everything. you know how paranoid old people are...

  6. LOL! No wonder the coffee got burned! What a great story.