Tuesday, November 22, 2011


You have me in a carnal frenzy. I'm not aware of the tangle of blankets and sheets ripped out and thrown to the side, or of the pillows that I've tossed on the floor. I'm only aware of you underneath me, legs splayed wide, eyes wide and frantic and locked on mine.

What started as lovemaking is now animalistic fucking. I'm thrusting as hard as I can...pounding your pussy hard enough to make delicious squishing noises...our hips slamming together. I've long-since lost count of your orgasms, but I can feel mine approaching, and I want it badly.

I grunt that I'm about to cum, and you answer me with a high-pitched groan that I know means you want my load. A few final savage thrusts, and I can feel it starting...I can feel my balls tighten and my orgasm rising.

It takes all my willpower to not stay inside you, but I know I can't - and I also want to cum *on* you. I pull out, grabbing my slippery cock with one hand and aiming at your belly. I can feel the spurts shooting out powerfully and I know I'm spraying you...coating you with my seed.

My climax starts to subside, and I fall to the side, wrapping you in my arms. Looking down, I see a trail of white pearls starting at your belly and leading all the way up between your breasts almost to your throat. With a smile, I see you gather a pearl on your finger and bring it to your mouth.

I turn your head to me for a slow, deep kiss.


  1. I love to be cum on, pearls on my finger - what a wonderful thought.

  2. I love pearls!! (of any kind)

  3. Delicious -- everything about this story is erotically delicious.