Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another Saucy (Part 1)

My last post mentioned a weekend trip to help an ailing family member. I'm now home again after a long weekend of a lot of driving and a lot of hard work. We feel good that we did what had to be done - and there was also some time for fun and games.

The Sensual Goddess, no doubt realizing that all work and no play makes Max a dull boy (or maybe a cranky boy), reminded me of our adventures with a stripper named Saucy on a previous visit to her home and native land. With some free time Saturday night, she asked if going to find another Saucy and getting a lap dance would be sufficient payment for my hard work. I conceded that it would be a start.

She then surprised me by asking if I didn't have some blogger friends near where we were, and did I want to ask them to meet us? Sadly, it didn't work out, but that was a generous offer on her part, and it would have been nice to meet a blogger friend and have a drink.

We did a little Internet research on nearby strip clubs, settled on one, and found it with no trouble. It was set back in an industrial park and garishly lit in neon on the outside. We went inside and found it busy, though not packed. We found a table for two well back from the stage, ordered a beer, and took in our surroundings.

There was a large stage up front, with mirrors behind it, and a brass pole in front. There was loud thumping music to accompany the dancer, though thankfully not so loud as to prevent conversation. There were big flat-screen televisions on each side of the stage. The one on the left was showing porn. Giving away the country we were in, the TV on the right had ice hockey on.

Girls danced on the stage for three songs. They typically started in lingerie, bared their breasts during the second song, and showed their pussy during the third. The girls who weren't on stage walked around and mingled with the crowd, trying to get takers for private lap dances or to go to the VIP room.

The Sensual Goddess kept up a very funny running commentary on the girls, and the other patrons. Her first comment was, "These girls are going to love you. You smell good, and some of the guys who have walked past our table don't." Some of her other highlights: watching a very petite dancer, "I don't think'd hurt her." Looking at a big rough-looking girl, "No, I think she'd hurt you." (I was thinking the same thought!)

As we watched the dancers and the scene, I really wasn't turned on at all. We watched the girls on stage with academic interest, discussing how they looked and how they moved. It occurred to me that just the sight of a naked female body would have turned me on a lot years ago. Don't get me wrong, it's still a lovely sight, but that alone isn't enough any more.

The porn on TV couldn't have been less arousing - it could have been goats mating for all it was doing for me. It was just body parts sliding together - no emotion, no connection - just empty. I'd rather watch the hockey game.

At one point, a big-breasted blonde walked past, and the Sensual Goddess said ,"Yep, there's the one for you." I didn't disagree, but then we didn't see her again. SG was asking when I was going to get a lap dance, so when a tall slim girl with long red hair asked if we wanted a lap dance, I said "sure."

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  1. No offense to strippers who'll read, but I think they're attracted to what's in your jeans, not your smell.

    Just to be clear... I meant your wallet. :D

  2. glad you were able to find some time for some "play".