Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tightest Space

You look at me questioningly when I pull out of you and roll you on your side. I lay behind you, moving in close, pressing my body into yours and holding you in my arms. My hard cock nestles between your ass cheeks, and you push back into me, wanting more. Don't worry, you're going to get *plenty* more.

My hand reaches down to spread your cheeks, and my fingers slowly explore. I slide a finger into your moist folds, then rub your clit in slow circles. You reward me with a moan of pleasure, and I move my lips to your neck, kissing and sucking the soft flesh.

I dip my finger into your pussy, getting it nice and wet, then I move it down, to the entrance of your tight little back door. I tease you, circling your asshole with my wet finger. I feel your body tense slightly, and your moan changes pitch.

I whisper in your ear, "It's been too long since I took you in the ass. I think I need that right now."

A pause. Then another whisper in your ear. "Do you want me to fuck you in the ass?" Softly, "Yes." Good girl.

I reach over to the nightstand and get the bottle of lube. I coat my cock, then dab some on my finger and spread lube on your entrance. You're still laying on your side, and I move in close behind you again. I spread your cheeks and touch my finger to your asshole. I circle it, then slowly push my finger in. You're as tight as I knew you would be, and I ever-so-slowly pump it in and out, letting you relax and get used to the feeling. I pull my finger out and touch my cockhead to your opening, getting in position.

You whisper nervously, "Go slowly," and I assure you that I will, and that I don't want to hurt you.

"Do you trust me?" "Yes." Good girl.

I bring your hand back and tell you to hold your cheeks open for me. My lips move to your neck again, as my hips push forward slowly but firmly. I need to get my head inside, then I'll stop.

Your moan goes up an octave as you feel me stretching you open, but you stay with me, and I finally feel my head pop inside your tight ring. I stop immediately and wrap an arm around you. I kiss your neck, then your earlobe, then whisper in your ear that I'm in, and that we'll pause here to let you get used to my thickness. I ask if you're okay, and you assure me that you are.

My lips move back to your throat, and my hand reaches around to squeeze a breast and tweak your hard nipple. You moan with pleasure, and I stay right there, kissing and stroking you. I can feel you relax, and I very slowly push a fraction of an inch of my shaft into you. You grunt and then moan, so I pause, and then push slowly for another split second.

We continue this way, going as slowly as I possibly can, and maybe even slower. I'm paying close attention to your moans, and I stop whenever it feels like it might be too much. But the incredibly tight feeling of your ass gripping my cock is so delicious that I need to get all the way in.

You ask if I'm almost all the way in, and when I whisper "yes", you say, "then fuck me."

I don't need to be asked twice. I grip your hip firmly and thrust slowly in the rest of the way in. When I feel your ass gripping the very base of my cock, I let out a deep moan a pleasure.

I slowly pull out an inch or two, then slide back in. We're using plenty of lube, but you're so damn tight that it's still slow going. I'm holding you tightly, my hands wandering over your body, my body pressed into yours. I fuck you with longer strokes. I smile when I feel you push back at me as I thrust, and your moans of pleasure confirm that you love this new sensation as much as I do. I feel like we couldn't be more intensely connected.

While I wish this feeling could last forever, I know it's just too good, and that I'm not going to be able to hold off my climax. I whisper in your ear that you're going to make me cum, and you give me a moan of excitement, and tell me to shoot into your ass. Those nasty words push me over the edge, and I grip you tightly, thrust deep, roar like a bull, and shoot a huge load deep into your ass.

I stay inside you, still mostly hard, for a while after my climax. I hold you, stroke you, kiss you. Finally, I slide out of your tightest space. Fully sated. For now.


  1. Fabulous job on this story. You set the scene perfectly and establish a good pace, making your reader anticipate what is to come. But when the action starts you really jump right in and it's tremendously exciting. You capture the intensity of anal sex perfectly, and it reminds me of our last time. The thought of Jack gripping me tightly, thrusting deep, roaring like a bull, and shooting a load deep into my ass (to paraphrase your story) is very arousing. Unfortunately I've got to get to work, so getting off to this story will have to wait.


  2. There is something so positively arousing about this story. That "tightest place" is so deliciously intense and you convey it in a way we can "feel" your words.

    Sexy. Steamy.

  3. Mmm, naughty good write. Very visual and erotic..

  4. Well, I don't have much experience in that area, but it sounds fun. This was hot to read!

  5. I so love playing from behind like this. Wonderful mental images going on here!

  6. I liked that you took your time to tell the story, making this reader here anticipate what was about to come,as Jill said. Tremendously exciting indeed!

  7. I should not have read this while out of town.
    2 more days.

    Just lovely, by the way.

  8. I love the detail in this fantasy. Taking your time to tell the story, while your characters take their time too. Nicely done.


  9. This was a lovely post. Erotic & hot, yet warm and sensual. Well done.

  10. Always on the hunt for sexy posts like this. I couldn't help but feel a tingle below while reading this. It is very descriptive and sensual. Ty

  11. Oh wow! Great story! I seriously felt like that was myself and my special guy.
    While this was very arousing it also made me very nervous. Allow me to explain, I have never allowed anyone near my ass until I met the love of my life, We have tried once and it wasn't as good as this story here but I think it would have been close to this if I allowed it.... Much like the character in the story I am tight and small. My guy only managed to get his head in, that alone was enough for me I was too nervous and scared to let him go any ferther, as much as he wanted me to enjoy it and keep going I couldn't. He had been so nice about it and said we will try again when I was ready. That was six months ago, now he has asked me again, and after reading this I think I may take another shot at it and have him read this it may help us in some ways. Again great story!