Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Recommended Reading

Here are a couple of recent blog posts I really enjoyed.  I'm posting these partly to share, and partly so that I'll have easy access to them for when I want to re-read (and we all know that easy access is so much fun. :-))

Play With Yourself While I Fuck You: Fruit Taster's thoughts on pleasing a woman are identical to mine - so much so that I feel I could have written his post (though probably not as eloquently.)

Markers of Success (Smell Like Strawberry): The Redheaded Slut writes about what makes a relationship a success, and her thoughts resonate with me strongly. I think she's captured some real truths.

Finally, here's something that might give a chuckle:
Early STD-Prevention Posters

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  1. Thanks for the links!

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