Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Favorite Season

For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, it's now autumn. Personally, that's cause for celebration. While I love all the things you can do outside during the summer, in the Northeast, summer all-too-often means unbearable, sweltering humidity. Fall is my favorite season by far - I love the crisp clear fall air, the sight and smell of the leaves changing, the *feel* of the woods, and the sight of big full harvest moon.

For my Saturday "dash of happy", I'm choosing "Longing/Love" from George Winston's "Autumn" disc. It's a beautiful solo piano piece, and seems appropriate for this new season.

Happy Saturday, and happy fall!


  1. Lovely vid. I love autumn. I waited all summer for it! ;-))))

  2. Things haven't started to change here out west just yet but as we move into cooler weather this week, I can't wait for the vibrant colors to come alive.

  3. What a beautiful song and video! Thank you : )

  4. Warm thick turtlenecks, a tasty lasagna in the oven to be enjoyed after a brisk afternoon walk, cold sheets at bedtime, curling up under a heavy blanket to watch a movie or read a book, steam from a cup of coffee warming up a cold nose tip, etc.

    I love fall too. Thank you for this sweet post. :)

  5. mmmm, soups and stews, and shepherds picking, pumpkins, squash...leaves changing, falling, raking them up while spits of snow swirl around your ears...

    ahhh, autumn, we welcome you in!


    (ps love George Winston..!)